May 15, 2017

One-derfully Cheesy Title

The hardest thing for me with this blog is starting up a post after I haven't posted in months! It's awful. It keeps me from continuing to blog when I take a break of longer than a week. But this weekend I saw a dear friend's parents, and I know at least twice I told them how glad I am that she blogs so I can keep up with her and her family. We even started talking about the fun activities they did the previous weekend that I only knew because I check her blog out every few days to see what they have been up to. It's so nice. And I feel so connected even though we aren't talking directly. I don't even know if anyone else still reads here at all, but I thought it would be nice to start back to blogging and try to at least record the daily/weekly happenings around here, if not for someone reading then for me to look back on later. 

I haven't decided if I am going to start a separate private blog or just blog here about anything and everything that comes up or just turn this one private. I don't know. Until I determine that I'm just going to do a little updating around here. No pressure just yet. Look for about one post a week maybe until I get a feel for things again. 

So the biggest thing in this little guy's world recently was his first birthday! We had his birthday party a few weeks ago and it was John Deere tractor themed with plenty of green and yellow balloons and tractors decorating every table. 
I love that he now has this little pedal tractor like the one I had as a little kid. I grew up around tractors and farms and loved getting to ride on the real tractor with my dad sometimes. 

It took him a while to get into the cake, but I think he got the hang of it. He meticulously picked out sprinkles until they just got too buried in the frosting. Then he realized that the frosting was just fine without the sprinkles! 

Basically all the pictures after the cake included a bright red face because apparently that's one thing that doesn't work out for his sensitive skin. (He has only had two things that bothered his skin....this frosting and "sensitive skin" wipes, ironic.)

It was a fun day, exhausting but fun! We celebrated his birthday, finished softball season with B, and got ready for an even busier May. This week is BBQ Fest week so we will definitely be down on the river Wednesday for our traditional family picture down there. This week is always crazy for me then we go into the final few days of school before B is out for the summer. I have post-it notes all in my planner for June and July of camps, trips, activities, anything fun I've found to keep her from being completely bored out of her mind and sometimes still bored but prepared for next year (ahem, Algebra camp....yep, she's loving me for that one). 

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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh no! Bummer about the frosting! But it looks like it was a great celebration otherwise! Happy first birthday to him!

And for what it's worth, I'm definitely still reading! :)