Apr 8, 2016

Bumpdate: Week 37

Weeks 35 and 36 turned out to be interesting ones. We celebrated baby boy with another shower. My husband's office family went above and beyond with such a thoughtful shower. 

I loved the baseball theme and all the extra special touches everyone added. Not to mention the food was so yummy! 

We went on to have a perfect weekend of cleaning, working on to do lists for baby, and smoking BBQ Sunday for a big Easter meal. I tried a few new things in the kitchen for sides and we had a wonderful dinner with perfect weather. We even got to have a little bonfire in the backyard. I'm glad we had such a wonderful weekend before things went a little sideways on Monday. 

My last two week appointment was Monday (last Monday) in the afternoon. These are usually pretty uneventful for the most part and just a check on how things are progressing. They were right on schedule so I went back a little bit early for my weight and BP check. Weight check is kinda bleh at this point, never a crazy amount of gain but the number is still hard to see at this point. Then my BP check. I noticed no needles or vials waiting for me, always good when I don't have to get stuck. The sweet nurse took my BP and just starred at the results. I can't remember what it was exactly but I think the top number was around 155 and the bottom number was mid to high 90s. Not typical for me and definitely too high. She tried again, same reading. I saw the doctor and she gave me a run down of what we do if it's still high at the end of my appointment....monitoring. At the hospital. Of course, it was high again, even higher when it was taken again. 

At this point I called my husband and told him not to freak out but to meet me at the hospital. To be diagnosed with gestational hypertension you have to have two high BP readings 6 hours apart. They would also run some blood work at the hospital just to make sure it wasn't pre-eclampsia. All the blood work came back absolutely perfect but every 15 minutes when my BP was taken the bottom number was too high. 
Needles are my phobia
My 6 hours of monitoring turned into 24 hours...which turned into another 24 hours. We felt like we were on a rollercoaster every time a new doctor, NP or nurse came in. Tuesday we were told we were having a baby that day. Then we weren't. Wednesday we were told I was staying in the hospital until I delivered. Then we were getting discharged. Then with discharge papers in hand, I was kept another few hours because my BP spiked again. Finally, I was free to go with a decent BP reading, but I was restricted to strict strict bed rest and would be setting up twice a week doctor's visits from this point. I feel like I've been lucky to get to go home on bed rest. It has been hard though. I know that sounds silly but when your body says nest and you are always on the go, it's really hard to sit and really mostly lay down in bed 24/7. 

My husband, friends and family have been amazing though. I hate having to be waited on hand and foot, and I hate missing all of B's softball games. They've been playing 4 nights a week unless it rains. I usually have "babysitters" come while Jeremy goes to her games, and I get text updates and pictures from the park. I still feel like a lazy bum though. I'm not even allowed to cook for myself. I'm basically allowed out of bed to use the bathroom and take a shower every other day. 

Anyways, we have made it to Friday, 37 weeks. That was the goal. This morning I head to the doctor around 9. If my BP is up, I'll probably go straight to the hospital to be induced. If it's good, then I could go home on continued bed rest or even come off bed rest since my blood pressure was good at the high risk doctor appointment on Tuesday. I'm very nervous and excited for my appointment today. I could be meeting this face by the weekend.