Sep 3, 2015

Hi friends! Is there anyone still out there? It has been quite a while huh? But I have really missed this little space and missed documenting life. I still read a lot of blogs and like to find new ones, but I haven't been doing a lot of my own sharing. 

So here is a quick update on life:

-I'm still running. It's Road Race Series time so that is in full swing. Also, St Jude training is in full force. I'm not actually running the St Jude race this year but my cousin and one of my friends are both running the half for the very first time. I've joined them for training over the last few weeks. I'm thinking I may add a Jan/Feb half to my schedule since my mileage will be up there by then. 
-Mini started 7th grade. She's a middle middle schooler. I am enjoying this year so much more than 6th grade. I feel like there's less pressure on them. They know how things work in the big building, and they aren't the babies anymore. 
-We have been doing a bit of sailing this year as a family. A friend of ours has sailed pretty much all her life and up until this year crewed on another boat during local boat races. This year, she got her very own boat. She was nice enough to invite us out and we have been several times this season. We actually won the female race last weekend! Go us!
-In July, I took my first ever trip to New Orleans! Oh my word, why did I wait so long to see that awesome city! I think NOLA is a place you either love or hate and I am so in love. I was already planning a trip back there on my way home. I went on a girls trip so I can't wait to take a trip back with my husband. We did some site seeing, a walking tour that was fabulous, went to some smaller local dives, ate all the good food and lived it up as much as possible. Oh and I can't forget the shopping. We did quite a bit of that! 
-We also took a family trip to Knoxville this summer. Btw, we are huge UT fans. And by "we" I mean Brooklyn and I. Jeremy is just along for the ride with us. Anyways, B attended a UT softball pitching skills camp. It was just a two day camp and unfortunately, she only made it through day one. She was up sick all night in the hotel after the first day. She apparently picked up a stomach bug along the way. Luckily, she still had a great time on that first day and we all learned a lot in a short amount of time. I would definitely like to make this a yearly trip. 
-This summer has been really good to us! We have had lots of time to get together with friends. There have been movies, cookouts, girls nights, taco Tuesdays, etc. I really enjoyed it and was not looking forward to summer ending. Luckily, our fall looks just as jam packed! 
There are still tons of things I'm forgetting too, but at least this is a start. And hopefully I can do a better job keeping this space up to date. Happy Thursday! It's almost time for a 3 day weekend, Hallelujerrrrr!


ALG, Uninterrupted said...

Looks like it was a great summer! :)

You look amazing!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Glad you are blogging again! :) Looks like SUCH a great summer for you guys! :)