Oct 31, 2014

Running with Scissors

Just wanted to pop in real quick to say Happy Halloween!! Hope everyone is dressed up and celebrating all day long. I am a holiday person. Doesn't matter the holiday, I want to celebrate it and dress up. I will find a way to dress in theme. 

At work we have a costume contest each year. There are individual costume winners and group winners. This year I entered the group contest....
We have only had one person "get" our costume all day without telling them I was running with scissors. But the judges laughed so maybe that's all that matters. Winners get prize money so I decided to do it for the Jude! If I win anything it is going toward my St Jude fundraising goal this year (if you'd like to help on that as well, just click right here, please and thank you!). 

I hope everyone is having a great day and eating some of their favorite candy or snacks! If you dressed up today, what did you dress as? Be sure to check back on Monday though, I have a little giveaway to start the week! 

**Update: We totally lost. I personally think we were robbed, hah! 

Oct 13, 2014

The Beast

We made it to October! It's birthday month for me and 10 mile course month for the Road Race Series! Today I'm talking running, are you really surprised?!
I got super lucky and met some awesome runners back at the beginning of the Road Race Series. Being that they are awesome, they let me into their running world that is Run365. Some people in this group are on huge, huge run streaks and they are so inspiring! They always take a group pic before races. I've just been late to like the last 4 races. I was terrified of being late to this one though. I was warned over and over again about getting there extra early to get parked and get to the start location. I left at 5:30 am and got there with plenty of time to spare. Plus I ran back by my car around mile 4.5 so next weekend I can layer up if I need to and drop my outer layers on my car when I come back by if I need to. 

Anyways, this course....wow! You local people, if you have never gone running or hiking or just exploring at Shelby Forest, you need to like right now! It is gorgeous!
How beautiful are those trees and that little path through the woods?! Yea I stopped to walk more than once. I just didn't think to snap a photo until nearly the end. I wish I had taken a picture of the hills though. I was mostly trying not to fall down them and then having to hike up them. No time for pics there. 

I had heard of "The Beast" but I didn't know that was this race! I totally know why it is called that though. It is so very challenging but it's very rewarding. I would say it is up there with my one half marathon. At one point in the race, I looked over at the lady beside me and asked if the hill we just conquered was "the big one"....and she laughed. Like, she got a real chuckle out of my question. By the end, I knew why that was so funny to her. I just can't say it enough, that race was amazing! And hills. Oh the hills. And did I mention...hills?! 

All it all, it took me forever to finish. Like forever. But that's ok. I didn't mind the time. I got my second favorite race picture out of it. And got two pretty funny pictures from it when looked at back to back....
These photos were taken just seconds apart. Makes me laugh because right after the start of the race, a guy behind me yelled, "Ok we are past the camera guy we can walk" haha! I'm so guilty of trying to look like I've been running fast all day when I see a camera. 
And a big thumbs up at the end, almost over! 

So tell me what your favorite race is. And do you have any funny/memorable race photos? Please share!!