Aug 25, 2014

New Routine

It's back to school time in Tennessee! I know a lot of areas don't start back quite as early as we do, but kids are out around mid-May in Tennessee so that means starting back in August. This year we aren't only getting used to starting back to school, we are getting used to having a middle schooler now. It's still unreal to say I have a middle schooler. I definitely had more anxiety about her moving to middle school than she did. I have learned to let go a little and let her learn some more responsibility this year. 
I threatened to come inside and take a picture of her by her locker, but she pretty much knew I was just messing with her. 

On top of school, she is getting used to playing middle school sports. Middle school sports = practice every single day. And you better be paying attention! I love it. I just have to fight the urge to yell, "Put me in, Coach!" at her games. I miss it, can you tell?
Cell phone quality pics because I can never seem to get my camera, a charged battery, and an SD card all together at one time. 

Back to School night was last week, and I felt even better about this year. They have so many teachers that truly love these kids and love to teach. Makes me very happy. Also, they are at the age where they get a little variety in their classes. This year they will all take Drama to help them get comfortable in front of people and prepare them for the presentations class next year. Some (mine) opted to take choir this year as well. So they get all their traditional classes plus some arts as well.

Remember when we used to get a study hall every year? And we had 7 classes a day? Yea, no. Now there's no study hall and they have 5 classes a day. Their year is divided into trimesters and sometimes their classes change from tri to tri. It's definitely different, but so far so good. And it's week 3 now so we seem to be back into our routine other than running late all the time. Wait, I think that IS our routine. Before we know it, it will be time for fall break! 

How's school in your area? Or how is school prep if you aren't already in school? Anyone with new middle schoolers this year?

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