May 19, 2014

Winner Winner BBQ Dinner

Last week, I was going through some of our pictures from previous Memphis in May BBQ fests. I knew this weekend would be fun and full of some good food, good friends, and good times just like every year. But I didn't know this year was going to be such a year to remember. 
Our standard pose - MIM BBQ fest 2012
In case you didn't already know, Memphis is the home of BBQ. There may be some Texas/Kansas City/NC style BBQ lovers that may disagree with me, but let's just agree to disagree :) Each year during the whole Memphis in May celebrations, there is the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. My husband has been competing for about ten years now. When he texted me Saturday and told me they were a finalist (top 3) I knew I had to drop everything and get downtown on TIME (not my strong suit). We got good spots in front of the stage and listened to all the other awards. Their category was last--ribs. 

They called out the 3rd place winners, so they knew they were top 2. One of their team members was yelling "we were nobody, and now we are top 2." I got a kick out of their reactions. Then they called out the second place winner and it wasn't them!! Everyone was losing their minds screaming and jumping up and down. It was the absolute best! 
That would be my husband there in the center 
This is definitely a MIM that we won't forget ever. It was so much fun as usual, but it was even better seeing the team so happy! They were all on cloud 9. We went back to the booth to dance and celebrate...and take lots of pictures by the trophy!
And last by not least, my required family picture for 2014...


Analisa said...

That's so cool that they won!! Now I want ribs yum lol

Love the family pics!!

Shesabigstar said...

That is SO awesome... sounds like a great day!! So obviously we don't have these things up here in the northeast... explain to me, they have such big teams just to cook some ribs?! How does that all work?

ALG, Uninterrupted said...

Mmmmmm BBQ.