May 14, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Funny Stuff

I'm wondering if I'm the only person that has a few goofy wedding pictures thrown into the mix. I thought me and my sister started it because we always have a picture of us with at least one of us making a face. Apparently I was wrong though. The boys were a little silly in their pictures too. 

This is very us...

Which resulted in this picture, which is very us as well...

Then we had to bring my middle sister into it. She usually avoids our foolishness. 

And I'm about 90% sure we didn't completely drive our photographer crazy taking these pictures. She was a trooper! 

I saw this in the men's section of pictures. Of course. Some of the bridesmaids that watched the guys get their pictures taken had already told me that I had a patient photographer. I can only imagine. 
Really guys? 

Just a quick, mostly photos post for today. I have a shorter day at work today and then I'm headed downtown for Friends and Family night at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Fest! {I had to write out the full name} We are the BBQ capital of the world right? If you are from Kansas City, you may argue with me on that. Anyways, we go every year on Wednesday because it's more of a family night. It's not open to the public yet and there are plenty of kids. I can't wait. I look forward to it every year! 
NC Belle in Boots

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