May 16, 2014

Friday Five

It's Friday! The longest day of the week at work. Just waiting on the weekend! More specifically, waiting on a 3 day weekend for me. 
[One] It's BBQ Fest week here in Memphis! My husband is on a cook team so we get to go down to the river on Wednesday night before it's open to the public. Unfortunately this year it was freeeeezing Wednesday and a constant mist was being blown into the booth. But we are venturing down again tonight to hang out, get my typical picture of us in front of the M bridge, and eat some good food. 
We smiled but we were so cold!
[two] Softball starts this weekend. After a rain out last weekend, we are all anxious and ready for a long day at the park. I am just not looking forward to game day morning without Jeremy. He will be downtown for the end of BBQ fest so I've got morning duty. How did I manage to do this alone before??
[three] I am in a fashion funk. My closet is boring me to tears. It's awful. I am about to clean a lot of it out and start working on building it back. I went shopping a little on Mother's Day to find a few new things to wear to work. I left with black and patterned workout compression capris and two new workout tanks....this has been typical of my shopping trips in the last few months. If I could wear workout clothes to work everyday I would be set. I'm hoping to finish bringing out the summer boxes and find more options in those. 

[four] Race season kicks into high gear starting next week. I am signed up for a 4 miler Thursday evening. I'm a little nervous because my legs are super sore from leg day this week, but I'm going to work in some running time maybe between softball games this weekend. This is the first year I've been signed up for multiple races in advance, and I really like having those planned out. I joined the Memphis Runners Track Club last week and I plan to sign up for their series that starts in July as well. This really is the year of running! 

[five] Speaking of running. I didn't share last week about the Run Baby Run 5k that I participated in. This was a very special run this year. It was for the March of Dimes, and it was in honor of my sweet friend's son, Harper. All of our friends and families came out, wore our #irunforbabyharper shirts, and ran for a great cause. And after everyone crossed the finish line, every single member of the Young family and extended family placed in their age division--from sisters to grandparents! How perfect is that?! 

That's my five for this Friday! I'm ready to pick up my mini and head to BBQ Fest. I'm hoping we get better weather tonight so we can really enjoy our nachos and ribs. What does everyone else have planned for their weekend?


Cecilia said...

I'm so happy you are going to do the road race series! We'll have to meet up!

Sara S said...

My closet needs help too! Can't wait to get a chance to go through it and freshen it up! Happy Friday!

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

Softball is hard core up here. I'm not sure how you guys do it. Chris wants to have Cody play baseball when he's older since he's a lefty. I'm not sure i can handle that kind of commitment. How about some rec soccer instead. ha! have fun a BBQ fest!