Apr 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday Return

So remember when I used to do Wedding Wednesdays? Yea, I kinda slacked on that didn't I? 

Today I'm just going to share a few of our first look pictures. We decided that we wanted to have more time at our reception and with our guests and to allow for that, we needed to do a lot of our pictures before the ceremony. Up until I started wedding planning I always just knew I didn't want to see the groom before the wedding. That was one thing I thought I would never change my mind on until I found an article one day with a pro and con list for doing first look photos before the wedding. The one that stood out to me was having a moment to ourselves before the wedding and the rush and the craziness to just see each other. This was huge for me. I have serious anxiety in front of people especially in emotional situations. You know that moment in SATC when Big just needs to talk to Carrie. Yea, that is how I felt minus the running away part. I just wanted to see Jeremy. After spending all day apart getting ready and rushing around with different things on our to do list, I just wanted to see him. 
This picture is so funny to me because he is doing his standard head lean. I'm not sure why but he always does this when he is waiting on something. 

Making our way around the courthouse and stopping for more pictures around the gazebo. 

So the plan is to share the little details, some reception pics, and then the bloopers. I am hoping to finish these up in the next few Wednesdays and actually complete my wedding recap before our anniversary! #slacker
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Meg Doherty said...

Oh my goodness, everything in these photos: your dress, the scenery, your happiness - stunning! Stopping over from Wedding Wednesday!

Meg @ www.myborrowedheaven.blogspot.com

Analisa said...

Aww love!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow you were a gorgeous bride! Love the last shot!