Apr 9, 2014

Things I Learned This Week

+I am not ready to run a half, but on April 26th I am going to make it to the finish line one way or another. 

+I have some fast friends, and I love meeting new running friends at races. 
Congrats to Meredith and Debi for placing 2nd and 1st in their age groups!

+Whenever I plan to spend lots of money on myself, I never find anything. I was so excited about Spring Market this weekend (basically a big show with lots of boutique type booths all in one place) and I ended up getting a scarf, two necklaces, and a pair of earrings. I was expecting to rack up, so I was a tad bummed. 

+It's time to stop leaving the house without a list. Either a "to do" list or "to buy" list is necessary from now on. I had a hundred and one things I needed to get done Saturday and I think I only accomplished like 5 of those things. Maybe I also need to stop thinking I can do a hundred and one things on Saturday. 

+Back to running. I have heard over and over that so much of it is mental. This weekend I finally understood and felt that. My legs were fine. My legs could keep going and could probably go faster than I was even making them go. It's all in my head though. I think once I run the half, my next goal is going to be to run a "fast" 5k. 

+I have an awesome husband. Ok, maybe I already knew that. But after the race I was really mad at myself for not reaching a goal I wanted to this time around and he promised* me that he would start running with me in the neighborhood so I can reach my goal. (*and by promise I mean he put it in a text so that's pretty much like a contract)

+Sometimes Marshall's laughs in the face of Pinterest. And I get something on clearance easier than making it!

+Blowing up your work computer is not as fun as it sounds. And actually requires more work in the long run. Good times. 

+I should have been keeping track of my race times from the very beginning of my running. From now on, I'm keeping track starting with my races for 2014. I'm hoping to PR a lot this year!

So what have you learned this week so far? 


Natalie said...

My friends are all faster than me too. Maybe when I'm ready to start running again I can hang out at the back of the pack with you. Except you're probably faster than me. But hey, even then I'll make you feel faster so it's a win win.

And that's an awesome score from Marshalls. Good find!

Meredith said...

You're too sweet and I just love that picture of us! You will get there- don't be so hard on yourself!

And I also had money to spend and some things in mind and didn't come out well on the shopping front either this past weekend. Boo.