Apr 15, 2014

Let Me Paint You a Picture

Several weeks ago, I bought a Groupon for one of those paint party type things. Basically a bunch of people that can't paint get instructions from someone who can paint, and they surprise themselves with an actual decent looking canvas at the end of the night. Oh, and bonus, it's at a local bar so you can have a drink or two and some totally unhealthy bar food. 

Last week the day came for the paint night, and the friend that was supposed to go with me had to cancel last minute. If she was on social media, I would totally give her a hard time but she's not so there's no use trying to guilt her here. I kind of shrugged it off and went anyways. Then I remembered I'm not a loner! I hate doing stuff alone especially something like that. The only positive is the increased people watching time (while pretending to be texting someone and looking for them to come in the door any minute). And let me say, there are some interesting people at a bar on a Thursday night--nice man that commented on my pants as I walked in and then proceeded to tell me that he wasn't even gay. He had a strange emphasis on "even". Or the awesome Samuel L Jackson that gave me the "come here" head nod when I headed to the bathroom. That cool cat was dancing (more like doing the swagger bounce) in a bar that didn't really have dancing. 

But back to the actual painting part. I have to say it was really fun. I love anything crafty but I have creative ADD. I like to start projects then get side tracked and start another project before the next is done. If you follow on IG (@janessa1020) you already saw I started two new projects this weekend--attempting to have a green thumb and painting another room. At least with the painting, we had a timeline and did everything in stages. You couldn't really get distracted or off course. 
This was the background and texture part of the painting. Super easy brush strokes and it was this point when I started thinking mine sucked. It is hard to look at a painting in stages for me and see it turning out how it was supposed to. 
And here's my finished project! It's Starry Night meets Memphis skyline, Starry, Starry Memphis. 

I had fun and came away with a painting I did myself that I don't hate, so I call that a win. If you are in the Memphis area, I would definitely recommend Paint Nite. One tip though: Get there extra early to get your preferred seat and to eat a little food before the painting starts. If it's a busy night, the tables may be packed so there's not a lot of room for snacking. 


Melissa said...

I love it!

Analisa said...

It looks so great! Next time fly me out there and we can do it together haha

Because Shanna Said So said...

One just opened in my area and I can't wait to go with my girlfriends. So much fun!!!

Natalie said...

Man, I'm behind on my blog reading! I love how your canvas turned out. This is my favorite paint along I've seen. I would totally hang that in my house. I should have done like you said and stuck Charlie in a carrier and come with you. Then we could have had a Sweet Home Alabama moment, "you have a baby! In a bar!"