Apr 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

I'm going to let you in on a secret. I am not totally hating that our softball season hasn't kicked off just yet this year. Weekend's like this past weekend don't happen when we are in full on softball mode. I will love it once it gets here, but I'm also thankful right now for making memories off the field as well. 

We started out the weekend with dinner at the local Mexican restaurant for my sweet friend's birthday. We stuck the boys at one end of the table and we gathered at the other end. Every once and a while the boys would somehow get into our conversations or we would end up in theirs. Most of the time we just talked and laughed and shared many "remember that time" stories. I love the group of friends that I have. Between the 4 of us that were there, we remembered a lot of stories and a lot of fun times together. And we just keep on creating those memories every birthday, every celebration, every hard moment, and just daily happenings in our lives. And with all that being said, I'm really mad at myself for not making one of the husbands' take a group picture. 
Couple Selfie
Another Easter tradition we picked up a few years ago was going to a Redbirds game on Easter weekend. Saturday we packed a quilt and planned on sitting on the lawn section at the game. Of course, of course I left the quilt in the car. I can only take the blame for that one because Jeremy got out of the car at the street to go stand in line and buy our tickets. Thank goodness they had one of their expensive blankets in chevron. If it wasn't cute, I wasn't going to buy it. I'm cheap and I was angry at myself for leaving the pretty quilt in the car. Anyways, it was a nice evening even though I thought i was going to tan and didn't take into account the building beside the stadium casting a shadow on the lawn section. My bad. There was a firework show done to the tune of Mr Memphis himself, Justin Timberlake. I may have sang along. 
 Insert standard firework pic here
Brooklyn laying in my lap taking pics too

And onto Easter Sunday. We spent the morning at church with everyone else and then headed to my grandfather's house. We had family in from Iowa so it was great to see them! My Yankee uncle talked about his first Easter he spent with our family and how he was worried about what he was marrying into when we beat the hell out of an Easter bunny and enjoyed it...it was a bunny pinata. This year it wasn't a bunny, but we still managed to beat it up pretty good. 
The kids hunted 150 plastic eggs. And when I say kids, I mean basically anyone in my generation of kids or our kids. Also, plastic eggs are not quite as fun as the real ones but at least you don't start smelling the forgotten or really well hidden ones weeks later. We did use real eggs for everyone's favorite game....Butt of the Year. All the kids' names go in a hat and all the adults' names go in a hat. We start with the kids and draw two names. Those two kids pick an egg out of the batch of decorated eggs. They smack their eggs together and the one whose egg breaks in out. The one with the "toughest egg butt" goes back in the hat and we keep drawing names until there is a winning in the kids. Do the same with the adults and then the kid winner faces the adult winner to see who has the butt of the year. I'm not sure what is funnier, the trash talk or the meltdown that someone has when they are out.
We had a full, fun, friends and family weekend. I wish all weekends could be like this! 

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Natalie said...

Um, that Butt of the Year game sounds hilarious. I'm totally going to have to add that to our Easter festivities. However, I was such a lame mom this year, we didn't even bother to hard boil and dye eggs. I'm assuming you play that game with boiled eggs. Right? Or is part of the game watching raw eggs explode over the losers?