Apr 30, 2014

The Little Details

NC Belle in Boots

It's time for another Wedding Wednesday post. If you are getting tired of them, sorry, we are almost at the finish line. 

Today I'm sharing some of the little details from the wedding day. I am really glad the photographer got a lot of these shots. I had no clue what the food set up looked like until I got our pictures. All I remember besides dancing at the reception is all the people. I didn't really even see the food table. 

My mom ordered this sort of shadow box. There are little wooden hearts and everyone wrote their messages on them before dropping them in the opening at the top. The day after our wedding, we poured them all out and read them. It was really sweet and funny. 
My family likes to antique shop and restore old things all the time. This frame is one that my dad found at either an auction or estate sale. It got painted up and a piece of chalkboard painted wood was attached to the back. My sister wrote the message and this was placed in the window of the building where the reception was held. I am planning on snagging this frame and hanging it somewhere in our house with a wedding picture. 
Instead of the traditional book for everyone to sign, we decided on going with a photo book. I made it pretty simply on Shutterfly.com. The first page just thanked everyone for coming and being a part of our day and asked them to sign our memory book. We also read these the day after the wedding. Very comical entries and some heartfelt sweet messages inside. 

Outside there was another antique piece from a dresser. Instead of a mirror though, it had, you guessed it, more chalkboard. 

Those are just a few of the little details and keepsakes from the wedding. My family, especially my mom, put a lot of thought and time into planning things with me. I don't remember any of the stress now but it was enough to make my sister decide that she is going to elope. Fine by me, but by "elope" she better mean get married somewhere tropical and invite me! 

Next up I'm sharing reception fun and then the blooper reel! If you feel like it, share your wedding post and go link up with Meredith

Apr 28, 2014

Who Run the World

Basically, this weekend was awesome. I got a pretty awesome piece of jewelry...
met some awesome ladies and spent time with my Holly...
made it to a wedding, eh, reception Saturday evening and even danced. 

This weekend, me and the hubs traveled to Nashville for the St Jude Country Music Marathon weekend. I signed up to run my first half marathon and what I thought would be my last. I have said numerous times that I am not a long distance runner, but after this weekend I think maybe I am. Or maybe I am still on a runner's high. 

Friday, I made it to the expo just in time to pick up my race packet and a Spi belt. I looked like such a newbie walking around in awe of all the cool running gear and serious runners. Everyone was so incredibly nice there too. I would have probably walked through every single row of vendors and looked at every item, but I needed to get to Cabana for dinner with the ladies (and Aubrey's husband Tommy). It was so nice meeting new friends and hugging on Holly some more. 
I wish this photo wasn't blurry. In my defense, there were two big tables of prom kids behind us so I had to bust out my best teeny bopper peace and duck face. Holly is doing her best "First of all" impression of me. I told you blondes have more fun! 

As for the race, wow, there were tons of people. 
Start time was 7am but we didn't actually cross the start until 8:08! Yes! We had a warm up half mile as the crowd thinned out and we got a good pace going. I am so very glad that Holly and I started out the race together. She is a great friend to pace with. When I felt like my legs were too tired to keep up, I kept going. I didn't want to slow her down. And honestly, it was all in my head. My head kept telling me to stop, not my legs. For the first 5 miles or so, we were on pace to finish in 2 hr 20 min. Holly reminded me on one of the hills (so.many.hills.) that we were running for Brayden and I used that to push through the tougher parts. Around mile 5, I had to slow down. My side was hurting and I had to get my breathing right so I told Holly to keep going. The rest of the race I tried alternating my running and walking based on the sun, the shade and the hills. Did I mention there were hills?! 

For the last half of the race, I listened to the live music along the route. I got a bit of a tour from one of the pace leaders. She was going strong and telling us about the different colleges and buildings we passed along the route. I listened to lots and lots of people cheering. The people that live along this route are some really awesome people. They were handing out fruits, beer, ice, and Jose Cuervo. Several awesome people had their hoses and sprinklers going strong for us. There were awesome signs, of course. There was even a nice woo girl singing "Who Run the World.....Girls" over and over from her patio. She was also sharing her own alcoholic drink with whoever wanted some. There was just so much fun and encouragement along the route. 

As I got closer to the finish I was feeling more confident but man, I was tired. Right when I was thinking too much about how much my feet hurt or how I should have gotten sunscreen at the last medical tent, Kira's sweet self was beside me asking how I was doing. She is a rockstar by the way. She was running for two! She jogged ahead and I got my head right to finish those last 3 miles. Somewhere in there I passed some young girls all in pink holding posters and cheering. They lost a friend to cancer. That got me. I shed a few tears and then got moving again (probably up another hill). I somehow missed seeing the mile 12 marker so mile 11 was the neverending mile for me. I thought I must have been having a heat stroke since there was no way I hadn't gone a full mile since 11. Just when I was getting really worried, I got to the top of the bridge and saw the mile 13 marker. Holy crap, I made it. I was jogging down the bridge, looking for the finish and looking for my husband. I got my medal and tried so hard not to completely break down right there. I was so glad to be done and I felt so accomplished. All the worries and fears were over (except the fear of seeing my feet afterwards). I know people do way more impressive things every single day, but i am not ashamed to say I was pretty damn proud of myself at that particular moment. 
If you have ever even thought for a second about doing a half or a full marathon, do it! Next up for me is the M-town series. There are 4 races from May 22 to July 3rd. I need to complete 3 to complete the series, but I'm going to try to do all 4 depending on Brooklyn's softball schedule. What races does everyone else have lined up for the summer? Anyone completing a first half or full this year?

Apr 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday Return

So remember when I used to do Wedding Wednesdays? Yea, I kinda slacked on that didn't I? 

Today I'm just going to share a few of our first look pictures. We decided that we wanted to have more time at our reception and with our guests and to allow for that, we needed to do a lot of our pictures before the ceremony. Up until I started wedding planning I always just knew I didn't want to see the groom before the wedding. That was one thing I thought I would never change my mind on until I found an article one day with a pro and con list for doing first look photos before the wedding. The one that stood out to me was having a moment to ourselves before the wedding and the rush and the craziness to just see each other. This was huge for me. I have serious anxiety in front of people especially in emotional situations. You know that moment in SATC when Big just needs to talk to Carrie. Yea, that is how I felt minus the running away part. I just wanted to see Jeremy. After spending all day apart getting ready and rushing around with different things on our to do list, I just wanted to see him. 
This picture is so funny to me because he is doing his standard head lean. I'm not sure why but he always does this when he is waiting on something. 

Making our way around the courthouse and stopping for more pictures around the gazebo. 

So the plan is to share the little details, some reception pics, and then the bloopers. I am hoping to finish these up in the next few Wednesdays and actually complete my wedding recap before our anniversary! #slacker
NC Belle in Boots

Apr 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

I'm going to let you in on a secret. I am not totally hating that our softball season hasn't kicked off just yet this year. Weekend's like this past weekend don't happen when we are in full on softball mode. I will love it once it gets here, but I'm also thankful right now for making memories off the field as well. 

We started out the weekend with dinner at the local Mexican restaurant for my sweet friend's birthday. We stuck the boys at one end of the table and we gathered at the other end. Every once and a while the boys would somehow get into our conversations or we would end up in theirs. Most of the time we just talked and laughed and shared many "remember that time" stories. I love the group of friends that I have. Between the 4 of us that were there, we remembered a lot of stories and a lot of fun times together. And we just keep on creating those memories every birthday, every celebration, every hard moment, and just daily happenings in our lives. And with all that being said, I'm really mad at myself for not making one of the husbands' take a group picture. 
Couple Selfie
Another Easter tradition we picked up a few years ago was going to a Redbirds game on Easter weekend. Saturday we packed a quilt and planned on sitting on the lawn section at the game. Of course, of course I left the quilt in the car. I can only take the blame for that one because Jeremy got out of the car at the street to go stand in line and buy our tickets. Thank goodness they had one of their expensive blankets in chevron. If it wasn't cute, I wasn't going to buy it. I'm cheap and I was angry at myself for leaving the pretty quilt in the car. Anyways, it was a nice evening even though I thought i was going to tan and didn't take into account the building beside the stadium casting a shadow on the lawn section. My bad. There was a firework show done to the tune of Mr Memphis himself, Justin Timberlake. I may have sang along. 
 Insert standard firework pic here
Brooklyn laying in my lap taking pics too

And onto Easter Sunday. We spent the morning at church with everyone else and then headed to my grandfather's house. We had family in from Iowa so it was great to see them! My Yankee uncle talked about his first Easter he spent with our family and how he was worried about what he was marrying into when we beat the hell out of an Easter bunny and enjoyed it...it was a bunny pinata. This year it wasn't a bunny, but we still managed to beat it up pretty good. 
The kids hunted 150 plastic eggs. And when I say kids, I mean basically anyone in my generation of kids or our kids. Also, plastic eggs are not quite as fun as the real ones but at least you don't start smelling the forgotten or really well hidden ones weeks later. We did use real eggs for everyone's favorite game....Butt of the Year. All the kids' names go in a hat and all the adults' names go in a hat. We start with the kids and draw two names. Those two kids pick an egg out of the batch of decorated eggs. They smack their eggs together and the one whose egg breaks in out. The one with the "toughest egg butt" goes back in the hat and we keep drawing names until there is a winning in the kids. Do the same with the adults and then the kid winner faces the adult winner to see who has the butt of the year. I'm not sure what is funnier, the trash talk or the meltdown that someone has when they are out.
We had a full, fun, friends and family weekend. I wish all weekends could be like this! 

Apr 15, 2014

Let Me Paint You a Picture

Several weeks ago, I bought a Groupon for one of those paint party type things. Basically a bunch of people that can't paint get instructions from someone who can paint, and they surprise themselves with an actual decent looking canvas at the end of the night. Oh, and bonus, it's at a local bar so you can have a drink or two and some totally unhealthy bar food. 

Last week the day came for the paint night, and the friend that was supposed to go with me had to cancel last minute. If she was on social media, I would totally give her a hard time but she's not so there's no use trying to guilt her here. I kind of shrugged it off and went anyways. Then I remembered I'm not a loner! I hate doing stuff alone especially something like that. The only positive is the increased people watching time (while pretending to be texting someone and looking for them to come in the door any minute). And let me say, there are some interesting people at a bar on a Thursday night--nice man that commented on my pants as I walked in and then proceeded to tell me that he wasn't even gay. He had a strange emphasis on "even". Or the awesome Samuel L Jackson that gave me the "come here" head nod when I headed to the bathroom. That cool cat was dancing (more like doing the swagger bounce) in a bar that didn't really have dancing. 

But back to the actual painting part. I have to say it was really fun. I love anything crafty but I have creative ADD. I like to start projects then get side tracked and start another project before the next is done. If you follow on IG (@janessa1020) you already saw I started two new projects this weekend--attempting to have a green thumb and painting another room. At least with the painting, we had a timeline and did everything in stages. You couldn't really get distracted or off course. 
This was the background and texture part of the painting. Super easy brush strokes and it was this point when I started thinking mine sucked. It is hard to look at a painting in stages for me and see it turning out how it was supposed to. 
And here's my finished project! It's Starry Night meets Memphis skyline, Starry, Starry Memphis. 

I had fun and came away with a painting I did myself that I don't hate, so I call that a win. If you are in the Memphis area, I would definitely recommend Paint Nite. One tip though: Get there extra early to get your preferred seat and to eat a little food before the painting starts. If it's a busy night, the tables may be packed so there's not a lot of room for snacking. 

Apr 9, 2014

Things I Learned This Week

+I am not ready to run a half, but on April 26th I am going to make it to the finish line one way or another. 

+I have some fast friends, and I love meeting new running friends at races. 
Congrats to Meredith and Debi for placing 2nd and 1st in their age groups!

+Whenever I plan to spend lots of money on myself, I never find anything. I was so excited about Spring Market this weekend (basically a big show with lots of boutique type booths all in one place) and I ended up getting a scarf, two necklaces, and a pair of earrings. I was expecting to rack up, so I was a tad bummed. 

+It's time to stop leaving the house without a list. Either a "to do" list or "to buy" list is necessary from now on. I had a hundred and one things I needed to get done Saturday and I think I only accomplished like 5 of those things. Maybe I also need to stop thinking I can do a hundred and one things on Saturday. 

+Back to running. I have heard over and over that so much of it is mental. This weekend I finally understood and felt that. My legs were fine. My legs could keep going and could probably go faster than I was even making them go. It's all in my head though. I think once I run the half, my next goal is going to be to run a "fast" 5k. 

+I have an awesome husband. Ok, maybe I already knew that. But after the race I was really mad at myself for not reaching a goal I wanted to this time around and he promised* me that he would start running with me in the neighborhood so I can reach my goal. (*and by promise I mean he put it in a text so that's pretty much like a contract)

+Sometimes Marshall's laughs in the face of Pinterest. And I get something on clearance easier than making it!

+Blowing up your work computer is not as fun as it sounds. And actually requires more work in the long run. Good times. 

+I should have been keeping track of my race times from the very beginning of my running. From now on, I'm keeping track starting with my races for 2014. I'm hoping to PR a lot this year!

So what have you learned this week so far?