Mar 19, 2014

Catch up and a little 911

Let's do a quick catch up, shall we...
+Basketball season came to a close recently. We ended up only losing one game the whole season, but I think technically we were undefeated. (The other team was kicked out of the league for not paying their fee to participate.) Either way, I'm super proud of those girls. They played really well together and improved their skills from last year to this year. 
+Indoor softball came to an abrupt end a week early. I'm a little annoyed with some things there but it is what it is. This means, we have a small window from now until about May when we won't have any games to attend (except rooting for the teammates that are playing in middle school). What will we do with our time?! Did someone say home renovations?!

+I have some before and after pictures from my Advocare 24 day challenge and the month following. I am so glad I took before pictures and did my measurements. It really is helpful to have that visual instead of just trying to remember if the pants you have on used to be your tight pants or if that's the other black slacks that look the exact same. Ya know. 
The change that stood out to me in pictures was my back. I am wearing the same clothes, same pose, just a difference of about 60 days. 

+Don't you love those Fridays when you are just going home and being boring and then you randomly get 3 awesome tickets to see the country king of shaking it for you in tight jeans Luke Bryan?! And Lee Brice who is super amazing also. If you don't listen to country music just skip ahead. I tried to get tickets the very day they went on sale for this and poof they were gone in seconds. I was so irritated by it all I was trying to avoid all social media on the day of the concert (real mature). Then I get a text from Lora saying tickets were being unloaded on stub hub for around $20! Sold! About 30 minutes after buying those, we were given even better tickets. I should have bought a lottery ticket that day, right? It was an awesome concert as usual!

+After reading Holly's 911 story yesterday, I had to share my embarrassing 911 story. Tell me we all have one, right? No one? Ok. So today's she's sharing my story on her blog. I did forget to tell her one thing. The tiny town cop said that was the first day he ever had to pull his gun while on duty. 

+Today I looked at my clock/date wrong at 7:26. I thought today was the 26th and nearly had a panic attack because my half marathon is in one month. I was so relieved when I realized it wasn't the 26th yet. But then I freaked out again because that's next week!

That's all for today. Anyone else want to share an embarrassing story? Anyone going to see my Luke this concert season? 


Analisa said...

You look SOOOO great!!!!

I already told you Lee Brice is my favorite but I would love to see Luke shake it! I'm going concert crazy this summer!!

Shesabigstar said...

Uh-oh, softball drama... lovely, isn't it?!

I LOL'ed at your 911 story when I read it yesterday... too freakin' funny!!

Enjoy your small break from sports... it's always nice to have a breather and remember for a moment what life is like without all the crazy running around!!

Holly said...

911 story was the BEST!!

Echo said...

I'm dying over that 911 story! lol. What a difference in your before & after pics!