Feb 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Week #2 for Wedding Wednesday around here. Last week, I showed you the pre-dress pictures at the salon. This week I'm sharing the favorites from my pre "first look" pictures. These are the pictures with my girls!

Making our way up the square, there is a brick wall with an old Turner Dairy faded painted logo. We stopped for pictures right there and even stopped traffic for a little while, hah! 

See the faded old paint? I like the old look. I love this picture because we started fake talking/laughing and ended up just laughing at each other. 
I really like this one without holding the flowers. It's like an organized group hug! Kinda. 
Since I didn't do official "bridal portraits", I was really happy with how this one turned out. I think my mom was glad there were some like this. And that is the county court house in the background. It is in the center of the square, right up from my salon and right before the building we got married in. 
 And another favorite of me and my girls. I love that it seems casual like we all just sat down together. And everyone's smiles are so perfect here. 
 And this is my mischievous face. I kind of like it. And this is on the porch of the court house. Love those pillars. 

One of my favorites with my niece and flower girl. Her sweet little dress was made by my mom. She tied it to the bridesmaids' dresses with the purple strap and flowers on the front. 

And this is just about the cutest picture ever!

Wow, is anyone still reading?! It's hard to narrow down wedding pictures and just share a little bit of them at a time. Next week, I will share the GQ pictures of my groom and groomsmen. 

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Shesabigstar said...

The pics are all gorgeous!!

Meredith said...

these are all so beautiful, you had such great photo locations at your fingertips!

Meredith said...

these are all so beautiful, you had such great photo locations at your fingertips!

Alyssa said...

Share as many as you want!!! We (or at least I) LOVE these wedding recaps!!!

Hope @ Hope in a Blog said...

Such pretty pictures! Your flower girl, oh my goodness so sweet!

Meredith said...

All of those are gorgeous! Love the old Turner dairy backdrop. And that flower girl? That picture should be in a magazine!

Eat Pray Run DC said...

Love the pics- you were a beautiful bride!

Jordon said...

Your dress is SO phenomenal! I love the one of you and your girls!

Analisa said...

Beautiful pics!!

Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August said...

Your pictures turned out amazing!!! Love your dress and that's awesome that your mom made the flower girls dress