Feb 11, 2014

The Weekend that Was

This weekend was fun in one of those, hang on let me grab the camera, ah forget about it, kinda ways. Nawmean? They predicted snow and an icepocalypse earlier in the week. It didn't really come through 100%, thank goodness. Then when we weren't really expecting it, we got snow Saturday morning. Actually fluffy, have a snowball fight snow. And that is exactly what we did. But it's the south so obviously, it all melted by like noon. 

That is a southern snow man. And I swear the ground was completely covered that morning. This is a little ways into the melting process. 

That evening we went to watch the Memphis game at Lora's house. I did so good and didn't even ask to hold sweet baby Harper. It took a lot of self control. Then I get home, look on IG and I see our other friend with a pic holding him. Dangit! I should have just picked him up when she went to warm a bottle. 
Sunday was our usual indoor softball day. We had a bit of a cheat meal and went out to a burger place with the others afterwards. Awesome burger place...and I ordered the turkey sandwich. But it had mayo on it. Something I haven't had in a long time. I also snagged a few of Jeremy's fries and a few bites of Brooklyn's dessert. It was delicious!

Sounds like a boring weekend but something about staying up late Saturday and not being able to be a bum all day Sunday had me feeling extra tired. I went to bed with serious plans of trying the new class at the gym at 6am. My alarm went off and I totally talked myself out of it. No way I'd have time to go to class from 6-6:45, get home, get a shower, dry my hair and get out of the house in time to get B to school and us to work. Maybe next week when B is off for President's Day. Maybe. 

Enough weekend for one post. Come back tomorrow for another Wedding Wednesday and I think Thursday I'm going to share some awkward gym moments from the week. Good times!

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Lora said...

You totally could have held him!!!