Feb 28, 2014

Finish the Sentence

Leave it to Holly and Jake to get me out of my blogging rut today. Just a quick post to participate in the Finish the Sentence link up. I'll be back next week and hopefully posting a little more often.

1. I always pick vanilla over chocolate. Yea, it's weird. I know. But if there's caramel involved, that trumps everything. 
2. Look at the size of those arms! Is what you are going to be saying to me soon. For the first time ever I have finally figured out a plan that works for my puny little arms and I'm getting some definition before tank top weather gets here. 
3. I recently learned the meaning of some new words....from my daughter's vocabulary list. Yes, it is sad but their vocab list is hard sometimes!
4. Only when no one is looking (or in the car with me) will I sing. My daughter is probably the only person that has heard my real singing voice since I was about 12. 
5. I lost my mind in the Gap Factory store last weekend and got some new workout clothes mostly because they have chevron on them. I'm pretty sure the top I got is going to make me self conscious but I felt peer pressure. Ok, maybe it was child pressure from my chevron loving tween. Either way, even at the outlet I spent more than I spent on my favorite Adidas and Nike Pro compression outfit. No bueno. 
6. I was certain I'd be an Olympic figure skater when I grew up. I even took figure skating classes at the only rink we had in the area. But it was connected to a mall that got the nickname "Mall of Murder" so obviously that crushed my dream. 
7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to go barefoot in a public area. Britney barefoot in the gas station bathroom? Oh heck no! My heels hurt my feet? Too bad! 
8. I just finished my afternoon snack that I'm not supposed to have for another 30 minutes...nom nom nom!
9. Why does everyone have to be off on Friday except me! 
10. It's very rare when I don't have my planner with me. I think that's only happened twice as long as I can remember. 
11. If I were a dog I would live with my husband. He's the biggest sucker when it comes to our dog! 
12. I don't believe I actually signed up to run a half marathon....what the hell was I thinking?!?

Ok that was fun and got me back in blogging mode. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I hear we are getting some 65 degree weather tomorrow and ice on Sunday. I'm so ready to be miserably hot!

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Holly said...

I wanted to be an figure skater too!!! And can we skip the half???