Feb 28, 2014

Finish the Sentence

Leave it to Holly and Jake to get me out of my blogging rut today. Just a quick post to participate in the Finish the Sentence link up. I'll be back next week and hopefully posting a little more often.

1. I always pick vanilla over chocolate. Yea, it's weird. I know. But if there's caramel involved, that trumps everything. 
2. Look at the size of those arms! Is what you are going to be saying to me soon. For the first time ever I have finally figured out a plan that works for my puny little arms and I'm getting some definition before tank top weather gets here. 
3. I recently learned the meaning of some new words....from my daughter's vocabulary list. Yes, it is sad but their vocab list is hard sometimes!
4. Only when no one is looking (or in the car with me) will I sing. My daughter is probably the only person that has heard my real singing voice since I was about 12. 
5. I lost my mind in the Gap Factory store last weekend and got some new workout clothes mostly because they have chevron on them. I'm pretty sure the top I got is going to make me self conscious but I felt peer pressure. Ok, maybe it was child pressure from my chevron loving tween. Either way, even at the outlet I spent more than I spent on my favorite Adidas and Nike Pro compression outfit. No bueno. 
6. I was certain I'd be an Olympic figure skater when I grew up. I even took figure skating classes at the only rink we had in the area. But it was connected to a mall that got the nickname "Mall of Murder" so obviously that crushed my dream. 
7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to go barefoot in a public area. Britney barefoot in the gas station bathroom? Oh heck no! My heels hurt my feet? Too bad! 
8. I just finished my afternoon snack that I'm not supposed to have for another 30 minutes...nom nom nom!
9. Why does everyone have to be off on Friday except me! 
10. It's very rare when I don't have my planner with me. I think that's only happened twice as long as I can remember. 
11. If I were a dog I would live with my husband. He's the biggest sucker when it comes to our dog! 
12. I don't believe I actually signed up to run a half marathon....what the hell was I thinking?!?

Ok that was fun and got me back in blogging mode. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I hear we are getting some 65 degree weather tomorrow and ice on Sunday. I'm so ready to be miserably hot!

Feb 14, 2014

Love Day

I missed Wedding Wednesday this week but I still wanted to share what I planned on posting. Plus, it's Valentine's Day and what better to share than my Valentine. Aww, right?

He got his time in front of the columns and the brick wall. And there are really good pictures of him and each of his groomsmen. I love those! I would like to find a fun way to display each of those along with each of mine, but I don't want to go too overboard. Any ideas are totally welcome!  
I love the jackets thrown over their shoulders. These men think they are something else, huh?

So funny story about showing off my husband on the blog....I started a blog several years ago. A few friends were starting them and I basically just used it as a photo only facebook with captions. Mostly shared pictures of B. Then I decided I wanted to keep up with more info since I forget lots of details about things sometimes. So I started writing more and more. Well, I never really mentioned it to him. We never really talked about it. Then the other day, we were talking about something cute I found on pinterest and Brooklyn said "where did you see that, on your blogggggg?" Totally busted me out. And the hubs first question, "Am I on there?" haha. Well, if he ever comes across this space on the internet, yes, hunny, you are on here. 

And just to go on and brag about him a little more. He is not really a flowers guy*. Not for holidays. He would rather something like that be a surprise. So this year, he got me tickets to an event and went on a wild goose chase to find a certain cookbook that I had been eyeing with B. A cookbook is another love language for me. She gave him some random name of this cookbook that didn't even exist. But he did good anyways and got me probably a better one than I originally had liked. So I appreciate the wild goose chase and all the other things he does for me just on a daily basis. I really got lucky finding him. 

And my original Valentine before my husband...
*About 2 minutes after hitting "publish" I got a beautiful bouquet of roses, lillies, and other flowers in our wedding colors delivered to work. Brownie points, major brownie points!

Feb 11, 2014

The Weekend that Was

This weekend was fun in one of those, hang on let me grab the camera, ah forget about it, kinda ways. Nawmean? They predicted snow and an icepocalypse earlier in the week. It didn't really come through 100%, thank goodness. Then when we weren't really expecting it, we got snow Saturday morning. Actually fluffy, have a snowball fight snow. And that is exactly what we did. But it's the south so obviously, it all melted by like noon. 

That is a southern snow man. And I swear the ground was completely covered that morning. This is a little ways into the melting process. 

That evening we went to watch the Memphis game at Lora's house. I did so good and didn't even ask to hold sweet baby Harper. It took a lot of self control. Then I get home, look on IG and I see our other friend with a pic holding him. Dangit! I should have just picked him up when she went to warm a bottle. 
Sunday was our usual indoor softball day. We had a bit of a cheat meal and went out to a burger place with the others afterwards. Awesome burger place...and I ordered the turkey sandwich. But it had mayo on it. Something I haven't had in a long time. I also snagged a few of Jeremy's fries and a few bites of Brooklyn's dessert. It was delicious!

Sounds like a boring weekend but something about staying up late Saturday and not being able to be a bum all day Sunday had me feeling extra tired. I went to bed with serious plans of trying the new class at the gym at 6am. My alarm went off and I totally talked myself out of it. No way I'd have time to go to class from 6-6:45, get home, get a shower, dry my hair and get out of the house in time to get B to school and us to work. Maybe next week when B is off for President's Day. Maybe. 

Enough weekend for one post. Come back tomorrow for another Wedding Wednesday and I think Thursday I'm going to share some awkward gym moments from the week. Good times!

Feb 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Week #2 for Wedding Wednesday around here. Last week, I showed you the pre-dress pictures at the salon. This week I'm sharing the favorites from my pre "first look" pictures. These are the pictures with my girls!

Making our way up the square, there is a brick wall with an old Turner Dairy faded painted logo. We stopped for pictures right there and even stopped traffic for a little while, hah! 

See the faded old paint? I like the old look. I love this picture because we started fake talking/laughing and ended up just laughing at each other. 
I really like this one without holding the flowers. It's like an organized group hug! Kinda. 
Since I didn't do official "bridal portraits", I was really happy with how this one turned out. I think my mom was glad there were some like this. And that is the county court house in the background. It is in the center of the square, right up from my salon and right before the building we got married in. 
 And another favorite of me and my girls. I love that it seems casual like we all just sat down together. And everyone's smiles are so perfect here. 
 And this is my mischievous face. I kind of like it. And this is on the porch of the court house. Love those pillars. 

One of my favorites with my niece and flower girl. Her sweet little dress was made by my mom. She tied it to the bridesmaids' dresses with the purple strap and flowers on the front. 

And this is just about the cutest picture ever!

Wow, is anyone still reading?! It's hard to narrow down wedding pictures and just share a little bit of them at a time. Next week, I will share the GQ pictures of my groom and groomsmen. 

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Feb 3, 2014

Not so Super Weekend

What is worse than being sick? Being sick on the weekend! I mean, that is my only time to enjoy some me time and family time and being sick should not be part of that. Yuck! Last week I was feeling kind of icky but I still made it to the gym and worked out hard. That is a sure sign for me of not being that sick. Then Saturday I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a truck. One of those times when I really wanted to cry as soon as I woke up, and the only thing that stopped me was knowing that would just make it all hurt worse. I'm such a bad patient when I am sick. My over the counter medicine decisions are usually not great. If one thing doesn't work in about 5 minutes, immediately take another dose or try a different medicine. I mean, medicine should work in less than 5 minutes, am I right? hmm, note to self: I should probably stop buying the Costco size bottle of Advil....

Today's post was supposed to be filled with info on an awesome workout with my lovely friend Laura, a basketball game recap from my favorite 5th grade team, and details on the best Super Bowl party ever. Except I didn't make it to any of that. Luckily/unluckily(?) the team, Brooklyn's basketball team was supposed to be playing didn't show up, so I didn't completely miss their real game. They have 12 girls, so they ended up playing each other just to get some game time in. 

And I stayed on the couch with this one pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday. We managed to watch the Super Bowl together and snack on some junk food (me and the humans in the house, not Kallie) that has been banished from our house for the last month. That was a nice break. But now it's time to get back on the bandwagon. I've got a dietbet to join tonight, so I'm going to be serious again and hope to kick the rest of this sickness and get back in the gym. 

So what did everyone think of the Superbowl last night? And what was your favorite commercial?