Jan 13, 2014

Weekend Randoms

It's Monday and day 7 of our cleanse! I'm enjoying my last day before I add a fiber drink back into my life. Bleh. I will say Saturday was our hardest day. Jeremy wanted to take one of Brooklyn's gummy vitamins just so he could have a gummy. Then at Target I think I stopped him from talking so I could "take in" all the smells on the cake and sugar aisle. It was a low point, but we made it through. We did pretty good timing out the days and taking snacks for the late softball night Sunday. It's all about preparation! And not the kind with an H. {side note: my husband just informed me that we both forgot the lettuce for our taco salads today #lunchfail}

Other than dreaming of chocolate and gummy bears, we had a pretty good weekend. Saturday was the first basketball game of the season. We took home a nice win, but I think it's going to be a very long season! 
See all smiles! Or maybe I forgot to take a pic of just my child to plaster on my interwebs. You can see mine, and the twinsies are Lora's. I don't think she will mind if I put them on here. Besides winning, another highlight was having the opposing team's coach tossed. Yea that was fun. Did I mention this is 9-12 yr old basketball? Hmm. Always a good time! Highlight for next week? B swears there's a girl on the other team that has a neck tattoo. Good times!

Another thing we learned this weekend, Costco closes as 6 on Saturdays. What? Yea, and get this, we were there until 6:30. Apparently they don't kick people out since they are a membership store. We ran to the front to check out and noticed there were people ordering food and sitting down in the picnic area. I guess we are just amateurs. 

We rounded out the weekend with some meal prep and indoor softball. It was our late game of the season which means we leave home at 5:30 and get back at 9:30. It sounds like a lot but I have really enjoyed our softball Sundays. We get family time in the car to laugh and usually sing to some weird song that B and Jeremy like that I think is crazy....but then get stuck in my head. During the warm up and games I've gotten to chat more with one of the other softball moms. I have really enjoyed our talks over the last few weeks. I think it's been good for the girls and parents to get a little time to bond other than at practices. 

We got home late but I still made some more snacks (kale chips), ate dinner and packed up our stuff for Monday. Tame, semi busy weekend for the win?
Seriously why didn't anyone tell me kale chips were super easy to make and really tasty?!


Analisa said...

How did you make the kale chips?

Meredith said...

So the kale chips are tasty????

And I need to get Marley in basketball, I am sure she would be so good at it!

Lora said...

haha, yes, I'm pretty sure it's fine that K&A are in this pic...since they already google themselves and think they are famous because so much comes up. oh, annnnd, I thought the girl had 2 tattoos? gah, I'm scared. and I'm taking lots of pics during the game....so we can identify anyone who hurts us in the parking lot.