Jan 2, 2014

The R Word

Yesterday was official New Years Resolution start day! Today's Jan 2, how many already fell off that wagon? Not me. I'm still on it. I'm not a big fan of calling them resolutions though. I just don't like that word. It's all the same I'd just prefer to say goals. So roll with it. 

My overall goals this year are to get fit, stay healthy, save a little more, and organize my life. Pretty much the same goals as last year. At work we have yearly goals and one aspect of those goals is that they are measurable. So for 2014 I'm going to give myself monthly goals to work on. 


  • Complete 30 days of Jillian Michaels workouts - #jmdvdchallenge

Big HollyKimmyJenn, & Mel

  • Complete the full 24 day Advocare challenge - Starts Tuesday! Eek!
  • Take down my Christmas tree - I have to add some easy goals in here too
  • Make a wedding book on Shutterfly
  • List all our debts in order of smallest balance to largest - Going to go with the Dave Ramsey plan for 2014
  • Simplify my living room, less is more! Hardwood floors are on the list for February and I don't want a lot of clutter to have to shove into my kitchen while the work is going on
There are many more things I would like to add to this list but I'm going to be realistic for January. I know school is starting back and we have to get back into our routine again. Add basketball games, an indoor softball league, pitching lessons and softball practice into that mix and I am going to need a month to get readjusted to the crazy. 

Anyone else hate the R word? Set monthly goals instead of or to go along with yearly ones? 

Erica Ashley-Faith, Hope, Love


Analisa said...

Dave Ramsey is a miracle worker! Where are your wedding pics??!!

Meredith said...

I don't like the "R" word either. I also don't like so much all the "re-inventing" of ones self that seems to be so talked about. it is a new year but we still just go day to day- ya know? I love your goals and love even more that they are realistic and healthy goals!!