Jan 28, 2014


*Do you ever forget to hit publish some days? Yea I do that all the time. So today you are getting part of yesterday's post and part of Tuesday. You're welcome for saving you that extra click. 

Anyone else have a twitter hangover today on Monday? I have always been a fan of the awards shows, but I must say that twitter makes it so much more fun. I jumped in on the Grammy's a little late last night but I caught up completely via twitter thanks to #ipgrammys. I am probably past my twitter prime because I only use it when I need to vent and not have my 80 year old aunts call my grandmother because they saw something I said on facebook OR  when I need to catch up on my favorite trash reality tv stars OR when something like an awards show is on so I can laugh at all the hilarious people I follow on twitter. I can never keep up with it enough on an average day. There's just too much. Am I the only Memaw or does anyone else feel this way? 

Speaking of feeling old, did you check out my face lift?? It's not grandma at all! I big puffy heart love the new look. I feel like a real live blogger now! And if you need a good face lift, click on that awesome Hubby Jack tramp stamp at the bottom of the page. HJ does awesome work. Obviously. 

In other news, guess who got wedding pictures back this weekend?? WE did! I can't wait to start sharing some of them, but I don't want to overload a post with my favorites....because practically all of them are favorites! I think I'm going to link up with Wedding Wednesdays for a few Wednesdays until I share them all. So there's fair warning. If you don't care, go ahead and skip Wednesdays' posts for a while. 


Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

WHOOP - I wanna those pics:)

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

see those. I am stupid.

Katherine said...

you are so cute!


Katherine said...
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Shesabigstar said...

Love the new look! And also? How did I not realize you were on Twitter?! Sorry... fixed that now!

Holly said...

I love the new look! It's so YOU!