Jan 8, 2014

Goal Digger

So yesterday I started working on one of those resolu-goals for January.  I started the Advocare 24day challenge, and if my calendar counting is right, I will finish it up on January 30th. I've always been skeptical about doing a cleanse and a little afraid, but I finally got talked into it. I have to say I'm actually pretty excited. Apparently the cleanse is just the start of it, so we (me and Jeremy) decided to do the full 24 days. You cleanse for 10 days and then start what's called the Max Phase after that. I opted for the extra energy version of supplements for days 11-24. 

Being the Type A, OCD, "create more work for yourself than you should" type person that I am, I organized all my stuff by days so I can just grab a bag and my lunch box and go each day. 
This works for me. If it's all planned out like this, I am better with my follow through. 

Meal planning hasn't been too hard. We eat a pretty healthy diet around the house. I just have to give up my dairy and breads for the first 10 days. Oh and my beloved Taco Bell....
I've made it through Day 1 and most of my meals/supplements on Day 2. I'm not hungry or sick or feeling weird or anything. Yesterday I was a little nervous about how I would feel after that fiber drink, but it was totally fine. I've got dinner planned for tonight and a crockpot dinner planned for tomorrow. The biggest obstacle will be not going through a drive thru after softball practice tomorrow night. I'm guessing my car could almost drive there on it's own it's such a typical drive. 

I'm hoping to check this off my list for January and maybe share a few recipes this month too. Between this, the jmdvdchallenge and another challenge I'm doing at work I better see some big changes this month/year! 

How's everyone else doing on resolu-goals? What about Jillian? Hate her? Love her?


Lindsey said...

I'm proud of you for doing this because I sure can NOT! You've got this!

Natalie said...

I love your organized system. It's a great way to keep it simple. I myself am a carb-a-voir and am not dedicate enough to give them up.

Analisa said...

I wish I could afford the 24 day but love the ten day! Good luck!

I'm so making those bags next time too lol

Meredith said...

You get major props for doing this and it seems you are doing it well! I am a little afraid of the cleanses as I know my body is so addicted to the breads and sugars that I would feel like crap the first few days and be ready to take someone's head off! haha I may, MAY be up for trying the 10 day- after this next marathon of course- I need carbs right now!

Kimmyyy83 said...

If you can choke down the fiber drink then you are set. it is seriously the best cleanse ever