Jan 31, 2014

FTF Recap Style

Wow, the final Friday of January. This is like Follow Through Friday on steroids. 

First up, the easiest goal to reach this month for me...ordering my wedding album! We got our pictures back last weekend and in about 2.5 seconds I was searching for the right album to upload them into and order right away. It took forever to get the pictures actually uploaded to the site but I finally placed the order for our album this morning (with half off, thank you retailmenot.com and 7.5% back on ebates)! I should receive it by Valentine's Day! 

My big goal for January was to complete the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. I completed my full 24 days as of yesterday, and I feel amazing. And to be honest, the hardest part is the cleanse phase which is just 10 days. Did I cheat? I had one cheat during my 24 days....a Werther's Original. Just one. And I am really happy with that. 
As of this morning I am officially down 6.5 lbs and 4.25 inches. I call that a win. I think even more impressive than the pounds and inches is the lack of cravings. Yesterday there were donuts in the office and I didn't really care. Meh. I have an "emergency" Dr Pepper in the fridge...and it's just going to keep sitting there. I've only graced a fast food window one time in the last month and that was for a half size apple pecan chicken salad at Wendy's. 

Since I enjoyed the whole challenge so much, I was thinking about doing a little contest. In February, anyone who purchases and starts the 10 day cleanse would be eligible to win the max phase portion of the 24 day challenge, basically days 11-24 of the challenge. This includes the MultiNutritional System, 14 shakes of your flavor choice, OmegaPlex and two boxes of Spark. All you need to do is record your results from the cleanse, either weight, inches, or body fat and send that info to me along with a brief email about what you liked about the challenge and what you learned during it. Once you order your cleanse here, just email me (janessa1020[at]gmail.com) to say you are in the competition and the date you are starting. What do you think? Anyone interested? 
Now for February goals:

  • Hit the gym 3 days a week
  • Home workouts 2 days a week
  • One long run a week
  • Decide on and purchase our hardwood floors
  • Continue eating under the 24 Day Challenge diet plan

Erica Ashley-Faith, Hope, Love


Jacquelyn Wheeler said...

Wow! Great job on completing the 24 day cleanse. That's some major self control!!

Erica Ashley said...

You are amazing!!! Congrats on reaching your goals lady! And only one cheat day!? That is awesome! Good luck this month, you will do GREAT!