Jan 17, 2014

Follow Up and Follow Through

It's Friday and I am in an even better mood than normal for a Friday! I am feeling amazeballs amazing! And I feel pretty accomplished this week. For starters I am still trucking along on the AdvoCare plan. Today is day 11 which means it's time for a follow up on my cleanse phase. I made it and I'm 7 pounds lighter! SEVEN pounds, yall! I've been consistently hanging at 6.5 lbs down for the last 4 days and this morning I was down another half. I feel like the last bit of pounds will come off slowly. And really at this point I'm not too worried with the scale. I want to see changes in my measurements by the end of the 24 day challenge. I didn't check my measurements today but I think I will tonight just to see where that 6.5/7 actually came from. 
I've been doing pretty good with my food prep. My goal for next week is to be better. Prep and pack at night. I can't take another 30 min late morning. I've had them all week. We are into the max phase of the challenge now so my food options have opened up a little more. 

Exercise goals have been slacking a little too. I didn't stick with Jillian every night like I had planned but I did get some kind of workout in. I like my lunch breaks at the gym. I'm making lists of 45 min workouts to take with me and those may just have to substitute for Jillian on my busy evenings. Lunch time workouts fit my schedule better than a before or after dinner workout. 

A non-fitness goal for January is to get my wedding album put together and ordered. This weekend I am finally getting my grubby hands on my proofs and I can.not.wait! I plan to get my book made this weekend and share a few of my favorite pics next week! 


Shesabigstar said...

Awesome job on the loss! And I hear you on the gym... I went one day this week at lunch time because I couldn't make it at night and it was SO helpful to have it done and just out of the way!

Have a good weekend!

Analisa said...

7 pounds is awesome!!

It's about damn time you are getting your pictures lol

Michelle said...

You have every reason to feel amazeballs! Well done you!!

Kim Brown said...

How awesome! Great job on weight loss. I see that you are near me in the South. I live in Southaven :-). Does your daughter cheer? She looks like one of my daughter's teammates.

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Girl you have the right mindset. You can so do this! I love your food choices.