Jan 29, 2014

First Wedding Wednesday

It's my first Wedding Wednesday post since I've gotten my professional pictures back from our wedding...where to start? where to start? I guess I will try to go in order and I'm saving the "bloopers" pics for the very end. By the way, those are some of my favorites too. Of course!

All of these indoor before pictures were taken at my hair salon. It is located in an old building around our county's historic court square, and it is walking distance to the building our wedding and reception were in. All the outdoor pictures were taken on and around the square. 

This would be my beautiful niece and flower girl. She was standing around looking at the photographer set up my dress, and this shot just happened.

 I love this candid picture of Brooklyn. She had her hair done and she was ready to get the show on the road. 

 I kind of wanted to take this mirror off the wall and take it home. It's fabulous, right?
All my bridesmaids in their monogrammed button ups after hair and makeup
 Brooklyn, my baby sister, my sister in law, me, Leigh Anne (the craftiest friend in all the land), and my middle sister. 
And that's our pre-dressed pictures. Next week I'm going to share our pictures of all the girls. I promise there are some pictures of the men too. They got their moments to shine in front of the lens too. 

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Lindsey said...

Pretty! I gave Carrie a hanger like that and she used it in her pics too. Can't wait to see more!

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...


Alyssa said...

Can't wait to see more!!

Because Shanna Said So said...

The first shot of your niece with your dress needs to be made into a greeting card!! Thanks for sharing the beginning parts of your fairytale day!!

Jordon said...

So cute!!! I love her gazing at your dress! Can we say ADORABLE?!

Meredith said...

that could be the neatest hair salon i've ever seen and your wedding dress and flower girl. OMG!