Nov 1, 2013

The Halloween Hangover

It's November 1st. Which means, we are all coming down from last night's sugar rush! To prevent myself from being in a funk this morning, I decided to start my day with another handful of candy. So far, that plan is working like a charm. 

I am not sure who was more excited about trick or treating last or Brooklyn. When I was little, we got dressed up for Halloween and hopped in the car. My mom drove us to a few church ladies' houses and some family members' houses. If we just trick or treated our neighborhood, we would have stopped at my grandma's and two great aunts' houses and been done for the night. For the most part, Brooklyn has done the same. We drive around to aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc and get home exhausted because it took us 4 hours to make all the stops and not piss anyone off by skipping them. 

This year was different. In January we moved into a new house in a little neighborhood. 
We walked through our neighborhood and got home at a decent hour. It was amazing, borderline amazeballs. It was a little weird to Brooklyn at first. After the second house she said "Mom, this feels kinda weird. I'm like walking up to houses asking for candy." Welcome to Halloween, hunny. 

She decided to go as Katniss from The Hunger Games. She read it for a book report recently and we just let her watch the movie this week. By the time it was getting dark, she started getting worried that no one would know who she was though. 
The first 3 stops knew who she was immediately and that just made her night. Then a group of teenagers went on and on about how cool her costume was, so she was on cloud 9. Forget all those old folks in the middle that called her a "cute bow hunter". 

I was really impressed with our first year of "neighborhood livin" for Halloween. According to people on our "Grove's" facebook page, several stopped counting at the 120 kids mark. Kids walked through the neighborhood. Some were driven in from other neighborhoods. Some rode on hayrides through the neighborhood. It was a really big night. I am so glad the rain stopped and we had perfect weather for our first Halloween in the 'hood. Next year I think we may have a cookout/party with the fam and let Brooklyn take my nieces through the neighborhood. 

Prototype Mama


Natalie said...

Yeah, I grew up in Countrywood in Cordova. We didn't have family around so we did the normal trick or treating in the neighborhood with friends. It was awesome. The first year we had kids my husbands parents (who live in Lakeland) asked if we were going to bring the kids over. I was really no popular when with a dumb look on my face I said, "no, why?" I had no idea that was a thing to spend all night driving around town to various family members. Uh, no thank you. We just go over to our friends who live in a better neighborhood and walk around with them. More candy, more fun, less driving. Yep. Much better!

PS, I totally got that she was Katniss before I read it. =) I love the Hunger Games.

prototypemama said...

What a great idea for a costume! I love the Hunger games! Smart girl, I think she's cool and I'm not a teenager.

Thanks for linking up to That's Fresh Friday!

safire said...

I'm so excited that Catching Fire is coming out today :D. I love her as Katniss. What a great costume idea.

Hope your November is going well :)