Oct 1, 2013

What Day is It

This morning I was surprised by all the October in my inbox. It's my Birthday Month!! Yes, I get a birthday month. Don't even start on that subject. But this year it snuck up on me. I woke up to $10 off here, 20% off there type emails. I love those. 

Today I updated the wreath on our front door. I just couldn't leave before making sure our neighbor (just one) was able to see we understand it's October at our house. September was wedding month, so after the 14th our "H" hung on the door. But Brooklyn has been asking when we can put up the Halloween wreath, and Halloween decor can't go up until Oct 1st in our house. 
Not bad for my first homemade wreath attempt. It still needs something at the top along with a bow but I just haven't found that yet. Another Hobby Lobby trip should fix that right up. 

Along with birthday month comes what I consider the first month of fall. Sure it's still 80 degrees here. Maybe I wore leggings and boots to work today anyways. It's October the official month of the pumpkin in my book, so that means it's fall. Time for picking out pumpkins, painting them, going on hayrides, running through haunted corn mazes, making soups and hot chocolates, putting pots of mums at all entrances. 

This weekend we have our neighborhood yard sale....the first one since we moved to the neighborhood. So I'm ready to clear out all kinds of junk so I can make room for new decorative junk. That's how it works right?? I plan on taking everything that doesn't sell to Goodwill Saturday afternoon and probably heading to get some fall flowers and pumpkins to go by our front door. 

Anyone else have an Oct 1st rule for fall decorations? Any fun traditions I should add to our fall list? 

And because I promised Natalie, here's another wedding pic that we have so far. This was one of our sneak peek pics that the photographer posted on facebook the weekend of the wedding. She was amazing and I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures she took. 


Natalie said...

Love the picture thank you! I'm a hardcore wedding picture stalker. Who doesn't like to look at other people pretty pretty princess day? Sad people, that's who.

Yep! Fall is here. Our big puffy deco mesh pumpkin wreath went up today. I need to get to hob lob and get some WOOD letters to paint for our happy fall y'all straw bales. Last time I did it I cheaped out and bought chip board letters. Yeah, those things aren't weather proof and died after the first rain. This year I'll buy wood and polyurethane them so they can last.

I was going to relocate some dried corn stalks from the fields close to my house but I missed my chance and they harvested them this past Saturday! Oh well...

Love fall!

Becky said...

That picture is freaking awesome!!! And I love your wreath. Very Octoberish :)

Holly said...

Yeah, I need a wreath and more wedding pics... get on it, birthday girl!

Laura Darling said...

Oohhh I love your wedding sneak peek picture!

Kimmyyy83 said...

Pretty sure you need to make me a wreath. and post a blog,

Sarah said...

LOVE the photo. So gorgeous!

Laura Darling said...

I love the wreath! So cute! And that wedding picture is beautiful!