Oct 31, 2013

Happy Candy Day!

Just popping in real quick to say Happy Halloween! I really love holidays. All of the holidays. I will dress up in theme for anything. 

This year I didn't really go all out for Halloween though. I was more trying to think of wearing something comfy to work. I was thinking I would go as a marathon runner today with some tall compression socks, a race bib, my iPhone on my arm band and water bottle for props. It would make it easier to hit the gym at lunch also! 

Then I decided to still go comfy but dress up so I can squirt water in people's faces all day....
Cloudy with a chance of rain

The boots turned out to be a good call since someone's fog machine set off the fire alarm at work, and we ended up standing in the parking lot in the middle of a tsunami for like 15 minutes. No biggie. My clouds survived. 

Tonight we will attempt the indoor activities at a local church. Unless there are eleventy billion people there and then I will just take B door to door with an umbrella and scare the old neighbors with her bow and arrow....she wants to be Katniss this year. 

Hope everyone has a safe, fun and jacked-up-on-sugar kinda night! Happy Halloween!


Becky said...

Ha! I love your costume. So cute! This year I am going as a tired stressed out mom of a 5 & 3 year old. It is basically the same thing I wear everyday after I get home from work. No makeup, hair in ponytail, jeans and a hoodie. Nailed it!

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

haha love that costume! soo funny and cute!