Aug 2, 2013

So to make the transition back to blogging a little easier, I'm linking up with Kimmyyyy today for her six part "Who Are You?" Link up. 

Just to be difficult, I'm going out of order. Up first, describe 3 legitimate fears and explain how they became fears
1. Something happening to my daughter. Pretty self explanatory. And these fears nearly consumed me this week with her being at her dad's and then on vacation without me there to watch her every step. 
2. Lightning. In high school I saw a house get struck by lightning. 
3. Snakes. I was born afraid of them. And then this happened once...
Obviously I had to move after this

Ten things you would tell 16 year old you:
1. Be nicer to your parents! Don't roll your eyes at me
2. Stop spending so much on gas, park somewhere!! Wait, no, not like that...
3. Set your cruise control and stop speeding on the road school is on
4. Get out of the tanning bed
5. Cherish your friends! Life is too short!
6. Go to that dance, you will regret it horribly if you don't. 
7. Stop thinking you are fat. You have no idea
8. Throw notes away. 
9. Find a bronzer asap. Chalky white face, tan's ain't cute. 
10. Enjoy life with no bills and a bank account that magically replenishes itself. You got it so easy, kid!

Five things that make me happy right now
1. My baby is home tonight! A week is FAR too long in my opinion
2. It's almost the weekend
3. I have an amazing fiance
4. Wedding plans are coming along super smoothly
5. We are visiting out of town family this weekend

And 20 random facts about me
1. I hate raw onions but I will eat onion rings
2. Mustard=disgusting, Honey Mustard=yes please
3. I once drove a Grand Am completely over a baby cow
4. I'm terrified of grasshoppers (shut it!)
5. My whole family has "J" names, but we won't have a Jeremy until Sept when I marry one
6. I once ran into someone I had dated at a family reunion....awkward!
7. My first traffic accident was in a Walmart parking lot. My last was at Kroger. Neither were my fault. 
8. I hated pink growing up but now it's my favorite color.
9. My closet is organized based on style and then color. Roy G Biv baby!
10. I'm the most organized disorganized person you will ever meet.
11. People think I'm late to everything. Not sure who started that rumor....
12. My best friends are better funner crazier than yours
I tried to put a funnier picture here but I'm pretty sure someone would kill me if I put the really funny pictures out there for the world to see

13. I would love to get my personal trainer certification or become a nutritionist, on the side of course. 
14. Excel is my Lova
15. I have been told I'm "surprisingly funny"....uh, I'll take left-handed/backhanded (??) compliments for $500, Alex?
16. I spend most of my time outside of work at the softball field and I've never played softball a day in my life.
17. I have never broken a bone. Knock on wood
18. I always have the crudest answers in Loaded Questions
19. I like everything to be in parallel lines, perpendicular lines or perfect right angles on my desk....nothing willy nilly
20. I threw up on a judge in a beauty pageant once...somehow I didn't win that one.

*Side note: While I was on my hiatus, I happened to look at blogger one day and my traffic was about 10 times higher than an average day....then I blogged yesterday and it dropped by the same amount. I should take this as a sign....but I'm too stubborn for that.


Meredith said...

I love that you say you are disorganized, but that excel is your lovah. Hehe.
Love that ecard too! ;)

Kimmyyy83 said...

This post was surprisingly good.

damn im funny

Love you friend thanks for linking up with meeeee

Meredith said...

you may need a whole post dedicated to the Grand Am/Baby Cow incident.

And then another one about throwing up on a beauty pageant judge OH and the family reunion one....All good topics!

Cody Doll said...

haha. I can relate to some of these. Welcome back to blogging!!

Thanks for linking up with Weekend Reads. Hope to see you again.