Aug 9, 2013

Primpin' Ain't Easy

It's the first day of school for us. Yes...on a Friday. I feel worse for the teachers than for the kids having to go back to work on a Friday. 

First off, see that picture above? You see that bow in her hair? I did NOT make her do that. In fact, that bow gave me a good laugh this morning. I laughed at myself pretty hard. You see, when I was in elementary school I was that kid who the teachers had to take around at least once a week to show the other teachers my "adorable" outfit that was smocked by hand, my mom's hand. You see, she's crafty. Like insanely talented with all things craft related. Me....I hated those outfits. I hated them with a passion. Hated the big bows, the poofy, frew frew, porcelain doll look. I remember telling my mom how she dressed me like a dork and I would NEVER do that to my daughter when I had one one day. So when Brooklyn died to have that bow right there, I just started laughing at myself. I think God must have laughed at me the day(s) I told my mom that my daughter would never wear a big bow like that. Hah! Oh well, at least it's chevron. 

I was also not prepared for her to take over my big bathroom this morning and spend longer on her hair than I did on mine. Last year she wore her hair in a ponytail almost everyday because her hair is wavy and she hates that. Today she spent forever trying to straighten it and curl the ends under. 
(sorry if you've already seen this pic...if not, follow me on IG duh! @janessa1020)
I don't think I am ready for 5th grade. She may be but I want to rewind, like a lot. I hope she has an amazing year. I hope everyone stays friends and we avoid girl drama. I hope they continue to grow and mature this year. I hope they focus on what's important. I hope they strengthen their faith. I hope the teachers learn their personalities and choose the best ways to guide them this year. 

Now I'm going to go cry.....


Kimmyyy83 said...

Love love love! Youwill survive 5th grade I did! I will let you know about 6th though....

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up!! And I hates those big bows my mom
Bought that had ribbon in them and one had bubble I'm inside the bow. That doesn't even make sense!!