Aug 23, 2013

Friday 5: Cray Edition

I made it to Friday just barely this week. I'm going to keep it simple stupid with 5 random things today. 

1. It's been the sh*t hit the fan week for the wedding. I guess I should have known this was coming. I've now made peace with it...wooosahhhh. But good golly this week was tough. Tough as in there may or may not have been tears shed at work and at home more than once. But then I realized...we still have a bride and we still have a groom so I'm going with it. 

2. Sickness is rearing it's ugly head. I woke up and my tonsils felt like two golf balls this morning. I have way too much stuff on my to do list to get sick right now. This morning Brooklyn noticed me spray perfume on my neck and then rub my wrists together...yep, I forgot a step. I get loopy like than when I am sick. I thought a man at work was wearing a toddler backpack and followed him to get a better was just a picture on the back of his Tshirt. I almost just said "bedder" instead of "better" right there. Yep, I need to go back to bed. 

3. Before the sickness snuck into our house, I was enjoying rearranging things in the house to put up wedding gifts. 

New frame on the mantle and clock on the wall. New spice rack all pretty on the counter. 
Got the new k-cup shelf thingy filled and set up. Then I went to make my coffee this morning, and realized the top of the keurig won't open now. It hits the cabinets. Organizational fail. Oh well. 

4. We all know....women be shoppin'. It's just a law. E=mc squared and sh*t. But I get really excited when I get things on super sale and surprise people with the total. 

I ended up getting these 4 shorts, button down neon shirt, 3 pairs of pants for B, two workout tops and two scarves...for $96 tax and all. I was pretty proud. I tried to share my excitement with B and let her guess how well I did. Her guess "$40" concept of money. 

5. At B's parent night for school last week, the teachers gave us their "twitter names" or whatever the appropriate term for that is. I am on twitter but I usually only use it when I want to say something I think is too risque or whiny for facebook. {there's a good selling point for you following me huh?} Since I hardly check twitter, I set it to text me when her teachers tweet something. And one day this week, I hear the text noise on my phone read and then go "oh hey, don't forget your vocab and reading test is Friday. We need to go over those after dinner." She gave me that weird "huh" look and said "um, ok, who just texted you that" and then I said words I never thought I would say...."no one, your teacher just tweeted it". 

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Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Oh I hope you feel better! Shane and I are sick and so is Shane's cousin and their wedding is tomorrow. Eek!