Aug 16, 2013

Five on Friday

I've been wishing it was 5 on Friday like all week...start of the weekend. But I've got just a few minutes to wait that one out. 

So here's 5 things lately:
ONE: 99% of our wedding invitations are at our friends and family's houses now. They were all mailed out a few weeks ago with the exception of a few that we couldn't track down addresses on (read: the groom didn't get addresses for me on those). We got one back in the mail that was stamped "no such street" but of course my grandfather who lives just down the street from the adrs received his. Oh well, I'm just praying we receive lots of RSVPs so I know what to tell the caterer, eek. 
TWO: I got a spray tan last night as like a wedding trial run and just in time for our couple's shower this weekend. All day I have been asking myself why I didn't do this ALL summer long. I swear I lost at least 10 lbs when I left with my tan. Why is that?

THREE: This little baby finally got herself a hair cut this week. She freaks out in cars, but I keep telling myself she is going to get better. Well, I had to pick her up by myself Tuesday afternoon and I think she realized that if she didn't keep calm and carry on I was going to drop her off with the first person I saw on my way home. 
FOUR: On day 3 of school, Brooklyn had to come home by noon because she had a fever. Seriously? Already. She is better today so that is always good. I just hope her body is ready to fight off the school germy germs now. I guess she didn't spend enough time at camp this summer building up her immunities. 
FIVE: We had a "cold" snap this week and it's only been about 80 instead of 105 degrees. It has been truly amazing outside. If the rain stays away Saturday then it might just be the perfect weather for a patio afternoon with friends. 

Ok folks, have an amazing weekend!

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Meredith said...

Yes, I want the cooler weather to stay! I love those temps!
Poor baby getting sick already, but glad she is better!