Aug 20, 2013

Couple Shower

And we're back from another awesome weekend. Those two words just go together....awesome weekend. We celebrated our upcoming wedding again this weekend with a couple's shower. Tired of wedding talk yet?? Come back in like 26ish days. 

We had a fun night celebrating with our friends and enough food to feed a village. No seriously. There was so much food it was crazy but oh so yummy! 

Now I have lots of thank you notes to get out in the mail this week. And I have a meeting with the caterer in just a bit to go over that. We still have two major things to cross off the wedding list. I'm kind of ashamed to even mention what those two things are until they are done. I never thought I would say this but I'm pretty ready to get this wedding over with. I'm ready for Sept 14th about the time the preacher says "You may now kiss your bride". Then I can finally breath again...but not too much or my dress may pop. And then we can enjoy our reception and party!

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Analisa said...

You are SO close!!

Can't wait to see pictures!!!!