Jul 5, 2013

Acts of Kindness

Ok, I've seen several of you little blog friends are at work today. At least I know I am not alone. I was fairly alone on the interstate this morning though. Except for that one cop that magically appeared in my rear view about the time my current speed started blinking on the speedometer thingy on the side of the interstate. Luckily the cops here have much bigger problems than my interstate speeding habits so we both went our separate ways. I will consider that his random act of kindness towards me today. 

And speaking of random acts of kindness, have you ever thought about it and done something random and nice for some stranger? Feels good doesn't it? An old friend from high school (old as in high school was a while ago, not old as in we are old...because we totally are NOT) is spreading some kindness this month for her daughter's 2nd birthday. Go read the details here and spread some BigLove this month. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th! Ours was awesome--good food, good family, laughing kiddos, fireworks for a week, the usual. Of course the only pic I think I got was this....
This is how Kallie feels about holidays that involve fireworks. She becomes a big fan of my dress section in the closet. Thank goodness for maxis. 

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