Jun 4, 2013

Quickie for Ya

I know I use the "busy week at work" excuse all the time....or just on the first week of the month, but I'm serious, it really is busy. And I like getting done and getting home on time so I usually work straight on through lunch while I snack on some carrots and hummus.....or a bag of chips, whatever. 

For picture-sake, I had to at least update with some photos from this weekend. 
Two of our friends got married this weekend, yay for wedding season! Traditional wedding at the church and then onto the groom's parents' for a country themed reception. I loved the "redneck photo booth". We had fun with it too. 
Oh my word, do you ever not noticed how badly you need a spray tan until you post pictures on your blog?? Just me? Ok. I got this dress a few months ago during a sale. I was not too hot on it but the friend that was shopping with me basically forced me to get it. I couldn't really wear it to work so I decided I'd save it for this wedding. Then I put it on Saturday and thought it was a complete hot mess but I didn't feel like coming up with another outfit so I went with it....and do you know practically everyone I saw that day before the wedding gave me some sort of dress compliment?? Crazy. Maybe I would like it better with a tan? Guess I will keep taking my friends' advice. It apparently works out. 

After this weekend, I realized that the next wedding in our group of friends would be ours!!! As of today, we have 102 days until our wedding, wow. And while trying to catch up on blogs this weekend, I read Jax's post about things she marked off her to do list last month. {her wedding date is about a month before mine} So she was my inspiration to come up with some weekly goals to check off the wedding to do list. This week I'm going to keep it super simple, I think. Three goals.....

  • Take my ring to get sized. I can't keep wearing it with something wrapped around the band to keep it on my finger. 
  • Decide on an invitation. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 really cute ones. 
  • Officially ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids. Yea, don't judge me. I am behind a little. I just wanted to think of something really cute to do for them but I may need to keep it simple and just ask them individually. I think my sisters already know they made the cut, so they probably aren't really waiting on anything officially. Actually one of them is supposed to go try on dresses this week, so yea. 
And that's the list. Only 3 things. That can't be too hard right?? We do have a venue and I have my dress, so there are two big things off the list. We have most of the guest list down, we just need to compile addresses. That's another big thing to check off very soon. 

Any tips from you married ladies? Or ladies going through this process? And yes I know....destination weddings are so much easier, hah! Already heard it! 


Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Holy crap can't believe it's only 102 days away!

Michelle said...

Its always good to set goals that you can actually accomplish. Im sure you can get those 3 done, good luck!

Analisa said...

I like quickies;) haha

That 102 days is going to fly by!!

Rachel @ front row seat said...

The redneck photo booth is too cute! Not "redneck" looking at all in my opinion. :) Love your dress too! No wonder you got so many compliments!

Lindsey said...

Y'all are cute! I really like that dress. Let the countdown begin!

The Cavallaro's said...

YAY for only 102 days left... and I totally know what you mean about realizing you need a spray tan after posting pictures on your blog (I think that on the daily!)