May 14, 2013

Mother Lover

So, in case you live under a rock or on another continent, you have probably heard enough about Mother's Day. But now it's time to hear about mine, muahaha! Actually, there's not much to tell. We had a really relaxed Mother's Day weekend. 

Pretty much every year since Brooklyn was old enough to go out to eat without throwing a fit, we have gone out for brunch. Our favorite place was a local tea room with amazing spinach quiche and the best salad ever. Seriously, how do you make a salad so amazing. I mean, it's salad! {says the girl that loves salad} That cute little place closed so we had to change things up. This year, we were running late getting to brunch so we ended up just going for Filipino food. Then we polished that off with some sushi for dinner...yummo!
We added some flowers to the front and back yard and did a little shopping. Basically my favorite things kinda mini, yummo food, pretty stuff and shopping!

And since I like to post weekend updates on a Tuesday, here's some bonus cuteness straight from Monday night. We made it to my niece Gracie's softball game after work. 
This little cutie waved every time I got my camera out....on or off the field

After game snack....I tried to tell her that was my snack! She wasn't buying it
Could she be any cuter!!
That's it for this weekend/Monday. Got some more things crossed off my wedding to do list today.....
I'm feeling good about how much progress I've made on my list of things. Once I put the finishing touches on the Save the Dates I will feel even better. But I'm taking a break this week for some BBQ love. Tomorrow night we will be enjoying some yummy food down on the River for BBQ Fest. I really can't wait. I love going for the private friends and family kind of night, and each year I see more and more people down there. So if you're in Memphis or going to be in town for BBQ fest, stop by and say hello!

Also, go over to Peacoats and Plaid to vote on this week's blog button design challenge. Pick the most eye catching button. There are 40 participants and I am in week 3, so be watchin! This new preggo and this fashion diva are up in week 4, so watch for them too!

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Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Inwas just thinking that sound alike the perfect way to spend Mother's Day! Sushi! I can't wait to see your dress. What is the sage? I'm the person who has to know when you're trying to send out save the date cards lol. What venue? Gracie is so stinkin adorable.