May 2, 2013

Member That Time

Remember that time I hounded J to pick his groomsmen, told him he had too many, and then I realized I had one more than bad.

Remember that time I almost left fish in my car for 12 hours when it was 90,000 degrees outside? 

Remember that time I texted Kimmyyyyy a "remember that time" text to say I was engaged.....and she didn't respond. She was in some part of the country without cell phone towers, so I forgive her. But for a minute I thought she broke up with me.

Remember that time I laughed out loud at my desk at work because of a text....oh right, that is like everyday! Thanks Lindsey for the engagement photo idea though....I'm hiring you to be my planner.

Remember that time I looked like a moron at the Express Oil change place?? Oh right, that was Tuesday. And I'm pretty sure the man that had to come pop my hood was mocking me when he said "no problem, that's what we're here for".... I got a comedian over there.

Remember that time I took the best BFF beach trip ever....and we took family pictures, baha!
Throwback Thursday
I was flipping through old pics for TBT and laughed at some pics again. 

Remember that time I had a free moment after work to just chill and relax?? Yea me neither...I was just hoping you did!

Anyways, that was fun. Now give me some "remember that times" and go link up with Kimmyyyyy {that's how I always refer to her}. Does anyone else feel like Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty when you start a "remember that time" conversation?? Just me? Mkay. 


Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

Love Ms Kay and yes I totally think of her.

Lora said...

Hey that's me in that pic! i so want to go on another group beach trip soon! i guess we could invite the men this time....

Meredith said...

I never get to sit down when I get home. Not till I hit the bed.

And let's all take a trip to the beach.