May 1, 2013

I'm a Ramblin' (wo)Man

Today's episode of What I Forgot Today is brought to you by lunch...and fish...and exercise because I had to walk up and down the stairs several times today. Thank goodness I remembered my lunch at 9:30 instead of at 1pm. Of course I would leave my lunch in the car on a day I brought fish and when it was going to be 900 degrees outside. Just the thought of that smell makes me want to gag. Tomorrow lunch is going on my dash! 
In other news, it's weigh in Wednesday. I didn't actually weigh in this morning though. I've been avoiding my scale. I'm not afraid of what it says {ok maybe I am} but I know I need to focus on size instead of pounds right now. I am working on trimming my waist down a size. Time out. In all honestly, homegirl hasn't really worked on anything this week, fitness-wise. But going forward, I'm working on the waist line in a serious way. I tried on dresses this week and I was not happy. The dresses were ok but oh my goodness, the undergarments made me really feel like a busted can of biscuits. Not cool. 

So here's my work out plan this week:
Today: JM DVD (Following along with Kara's 4Mchallenge also)
Thursday: Lunch weight sesh & Run/Jog/Chubby girl bounce 2.5 miles
Friday: JM DVD
Saturday: Get some cardio in {tournament weekend}
Sunday: JM DVD & neighborhood jog

I was excited to see a Jess' challenge today too over at Erin's blog. I look forward to trying to keep focused with everyone else for these 10 weeks and beyond. 

Sorry the posts lately have been lacking in the picture department. I haven't been very snappy with my phone or camera. I've been working and making lists for the wedding mostly these last few days. I am a planner and I like having things planned as fast as possible. No matter when the date I'm planning for is, I'd rather be done right now. I already have Christmas lists going. I like my lists and I like to be done with tasks as soon as I can. But anyways, the point is I will hopefully be back to normal and posting funny ecard pictures or pictures of myself without my face soon! 


Analisa said...

I am the same way with lists! If you want some help finding cool decorations for your wedding let me know! I make them also:)

Brittany Chapin said...

I'm a list person too. Good thing you remembered that fish! That would have been rank lol.

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Busted can of biscuits sums up exactly how I feel too lol. Oh gosh fish smell bahaha. I bet that was horrible!