May 9, 2013

I Got Jokes

So a teen with a pacifier walks into a Walmart....stop me if you've heard this one. Oh wait, no that's not a joke that's just something I saw yesterday during my first trip to Walmart in about 3 months. I was slapped in the face with "this is why you shouldn't go to Walmart ever". Thanks for the reminder. 

Anyways, today I'm linking up for Finish the Sentence. Fun little prompts for this Thursday. 
Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)....I am smart...just kidding, sisters! Kinda. 
My best friend says...crazy sh*t all the time and that's why I love her!
Some People call me...the space cowboy, Some call me the gangsta of love...Not sure why though. That's kinda weird. 
I most often dream...nightmares about my freaking wedding. Not about the groom but about the little details. Is this normal? I nixed a potential location this week mostly because of a bad dream. 
The best part of my hitting this little Hoops and Yo Yo quitting time button we have at work. You know, Hoops and YoYo, the Hallmark cartoons! I just love hearing their little animated voices say "You made it through the whole day without crying WOOHOO" I'm not joking. It's funny and it means I'm running out the door to my family!
I really don't understand...what that little Asian dude is saying in Gangnam Style. I thought he was saying "broken condom style" at one point. 
I get really annoyed...when people shuffle/drag their feet. It is one of my biggest pet peeves and there are at least two people that do it at work. Without seeing down the hallway I know they are coming my way. 
There's nothing like a...frozen drink with an umbrella, ocean noises, sand under your toes, and beautiful I right or am I right?
Lately, I can't get enough...fruit. I know that's lame but seriously, it all tastes amazing right now. I wish it was always this good. Makes it easier to eat healthy. 
One thing I am NOT is...stress free or patient. I make things worse than they are though because of those two things right there. 
I spent too much money on...stuff on sale! If you put crocs on sale cheap enough I will buy them!! Ok, maybe not. That's a bit extreme. But last night I bought another bottle of Advil in the check out line just because it was on sale. I didn't have a headache but I knew it was bound to happen...I mean, I was in Walmart. It was due to hit at any time. 
I want to to pick the winning lotto numbers or something. I would be such a great stay at home trophy wife if I had the chance.
If I ever met Ryan Gosling, I would...make all his dreams come true, if you know what I'm sayin' haha
I can't stop...thinking about Ryan with his shirt off now...
Never have I ever...won that game! I always end up having to take a freaking shot! Wait, is that considered winning then??
Reese still one of my favs! Love her. What sweet southern belle hasn't gotten a little too drunk and acted a fool....ok, so maybe not all of them get arrested. Details, details...

That's all I've got for today. Oh yea, I got paid $5 to run last other words I found $5 laying on the ground while I was huffing and puffing a measly little mile and a half out during B's pitching lesson. But I ran a little, so that's better than nothing. And I used my new Polar twice this week. Score!

Now, go link up and let me read your sentences!

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Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Lol. ; ) Fruit is even better when you're having it next to a pool with a drink with an umbrella in it. ; )