May 17, 2013

Guns, Hats, Lights and Good Times

Just popping in real quick to say it's Friday and I am in the best mood today!! Obviously the weekend is just about here, but I'm even more excited because love is in the air. And it's all around us {isn't that a song or something?} One of my good friends is getting married tonight so that means all of my wolfpack {not just of one} will be there! I am so excited to celebrate this happy couple and spend some fun time with my friends. 

When we get together things like this happen....
I don't think there will be any guns or tree hats or Christmas lights in our pics tonight...or WallE (long story) but you never know! After the wedding I am headed back downtown for some more BBQ fun. In other words, I'm going to be sleeping in tomorrow without a doubt! Then there's a baby shower and a sweet little niecey's birthday party! 

What's on everyone else's agenda this weekend?

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Michelle said...

I went to a fancy dress party on the weekend and the theme was cross dress - men in stockings and dresses and girls in suits and pants. Very interesting night I love a good dress up party! Hope you had a fab weekend x