May 6, 2013

Dance Party, Fishing Derby and Lists Oh My!

I've finally gotten over being mad at Monday for being here so soon. It only took me half a day so that's progress. 

This weekend was a little weird. We weren't traveling for a softball tournament. We had one scheduled but with the severe threat of rain all weekend long it was cancelled Friday afternoon. So what's a girl to do with a free Friday...
Dance party with her friend Kate! She ending up spending the night with the Steppe sisters and we met up Saturday morning for a fishing derby. Of course I swore to Lora I would not be late and I was even up early for me....and then we got lost and drove down a gravel road that ended up being someone's driveway. I was afraid we were about to hear a banjo. But we made it eventually with Brooklyn's fishing pole. She managed to catch a fish and she won a drawing for another fishing pole. 
Something was janky with my camera this weekend, so that's about the best picture I got with her new fishing pole. Then she was off to her dad's house and we headed home to do a little house work and yard work. It actually turned out to be a pretty beautiful weekend. Made me a little sad we weren't playing ball but I will take a free weekend when I can get it. 

And since I don't have nearly enough lists to work on (sarcasm), I gave myself a few goals to check off the list this week:

1. Plant flowers around my mailbox. We got the small bed around it cleared out this weekend....and by we, I mean Jeremy. Just hope the rain gives us a break at least one day to plant something there. 

2. Get in at least one run outside this week. I am only holding myself to one because I'm afraid it is going to rain today, Thurs and Friday. With softball practice and planting flowers one pretty day, that doesn't leave me much outside time. 

3. Only run lunch errands once this week. New goal for me. The rest of the time I need to either work a short lunch or hit the gym. I always get bored and end up at either Target or TJMaxx. Ridic. #womenbeshoppin

4. Make dinner every night this week. No excuses. 

5. {As long as B's new fan doesn't end up falling out of the ceiling} Move B to her new room this week and take back my office. The fan was put up this weekend but J has a few concerns about the construction of the room and whether or not the fan will be too heavy. He also decided we are building our next house and he will be there every day to inspect, haha. Fine by me! 

And that's it for this week's list. Well....this one. Go link up over here...

Operation Skinny Jeans
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Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Squeal like a pig haha!! And number 3 yeah that's me too lol.

Michelle said...

Good luck with your goal list, making the list and publishing it definately helps to make sure you stick to it!
Cooking every night ... good luck :)