May 30, 2013

Don't Kick that Bucket

So hey, ya'll! Remember me? I've been so behind lately. But I've decided to get back on top of things...on a Thursday, hah. Not a typical day to get back into things, but it feels like hump day so there's that. 

I was so excited when I saw Holly and Trista were doing a summer bucket list link up today. 
Over the weekend, we made a Sonic run for some shakes and noticed that they have like 25 summer flavors (I think that's new. I don't know. I try to avoid there because "big Julanne" can't visit without getting pickle'os, a bacon cheeseburger, and vanilla shake. Gulp!) So we decided this was going to be on our summer bucket list...try all 25 flavors between the two of us. I'm hoping she gets stuck with the peanut butter and bacon one. That's #1...surprise a food goal, hah! I will have to amp up the gym time this summer too apparently. 
This brought of the conversation about "what is a bucket list, what does that mean". You would have thought I was a comedian when I answered with "things we are going to do before summer kicks the bucket". She really got a kick out of that. 

Next this summer.....
Paradise....haha, just kidding. There are actually no beach vacations scheduled for this summer (yet...). We have pretty much decided fall break is our beach vacation time after last year's amazing trip. 

But seriously on the list....water parks. Got to make it to a water park this year. It will be about 8 thousand degrees in a few weeks so everything from that point on must involve water. I recently discovered this place....
Also on the list, spending lots of time at the pool this summer. Last year I am pretty sure we did not spend as much time here as we should have. Now that we have moved and are even closer, there is no excuse not to go! except summer camp is further away and softball takes up 3 nights a week and I should be working out before getting in a swim suit and that doesn't leave time to cook dinner and eat instead of going to taco bell...we did manage to make it there twice this weekend though. And surprisingly enough to me, the water wasn't completely freezing like it has been on opening weekend the last 3 years. 
Some other local bucket list items....Jerry's Sno Cones, more Redbirds games, a trip to Shelby Farms or ten, the Nature Trail, the zoo, and the Pink Palace

I am excited just thinking about it all. I need a couple more weeks of vacation so I can get as much fun time in before we are back to another school year. And since ten weeks of summer will totally fly by, I better get to planning out some weekend trips! 

Now, what's on everyone else's summer bucket list?? Go link up and check out some more if you need ideas!

*side note: today someone found my blog by searching "cute girl butts" so i just wanted to tell them "i'm sorry" hah! Better luck next time! 

May 25, 2013

Say Blog Button Battle 5x Fast

Remember when I mentioned that Blog button design battle a few weeks back?? Well, my week is here! Check our BreAnna's blog and all the buttons in the battle this week. Vote based on button design only....not how much you completely love me, of course! And don't forget to go back next week to vote. I have two blog/IRL friends that will be in the running. 

Welcome to Round 3 of the Blog Button Design Battle with Peacoats & Plaid. Want to know who won Round 2? Drum roll please...

Congrats to Kalyn from Love, Laughter, Happily Ever After! Kalyn's winning button design:

The runner-up spot goes to Amberly from Life with Amberly & Joe.

This week's participants include:

Samantha from Designer in Teal
Jess from Plucky's Second Thought
Petro from The Seaman Mom
Diana from DD Kimball Road
Danysia from That L.A. it Girl
Bethany from Before, During, and After
JMc from Running on Empty
Ashley from Him & Her
Danavee from This Vintage Grove
Kristin from Hopelessly Ever After

Vote for your favorite and most eye-catching button by clicking on the thumbnail below. Make sure you're voting solely on eye appeal. You can only vote once, so make it count.

Check back next week for Round 4. If you're interested in participating in Season 2 of the Blog Button Design Battle, make sure you subscribe to Peacoats & Plaid for updates.

May 21, 2013

Moore Love

I know everyone has already seen and heard the news about Moore, OK over the last 24 hours. I cannot imagine what the families of that area have gone through and will continue to go through over the next few days, weeks, and on. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers along with the first responders and volunteers in the area. 

If you are able to help in any way shape or form, I urge you to go to this page or this page and read about some ways you can help families in need. If you are unable to help there, you can always donate to the American Red Cross. Every little bit counts and is greatly appreciated. 

May 17, 2013

Guns, Hats, Lights and Good Times

Just popping in real quick to say it's Friday and I am in the best mood today!! Obviously the weekend is just about here, but I'm even more excited because love is in the air. And it's all around us {isn't that a song or something?} One of my good friends is getting married tonight so that means all of my wolfpack {not just of one} will be there! I am so excited to celebrate this happy couple and spend some fun time with my friends. 

When we get together things like this happen....
I don't think there will be any guns or tree hats or Christmas lights in our pics tonight...or WallE (long story) but you never know! After the wedding I am headed back downtown for some more BBQ fun. In other words, I'm going to be sleeping in tomorrow without a doubt! Then there's a baby shower and a sweet little niecey's birthday party! 

What's on everyone else's agenda this weekend?

May 16, 2013

I Like Pig Butts

Just for the record, it takes a little longer to get to work when you have to carry the bags under your eyes in a wheelbarrow. In related news, when did I get so old?! 

Last night was Friends and Family night at BBQ fest downtown. And as usual we had to take our yearly picture with the M bridge in the background. 
This is my third year at BBQ fest Friends and Family night. The first year we had a massive flood going on, so right where we are standing in this pic was completely under water. Needless to say, BBQ fest wasn't downtown that year. So this is my second year getting our picture together like's officially a tradition now. Bam!
The food was super yummy, of course! And there were plenty of friends around which has a little to do with us being there later than I said we would be. It was just too fun to leave and the weather was truly perfect! Brooklyn got to take her blanket and pillow to school today for movie day, so I'm pretty sure one of us is going to get a nap in today! I really wish it was me though. Next year will someone please remind me to take Thursday and Friday off during BBQ fest (Lora I'm looking at you!). 

That's it for today. I would say I'm going straight home and going to bed but I have a summer camp meeting tonight, womp womp. I wish the "new" parents had their own separate meeting. I can't hear the same questions over and over again each year. But after that you better believe I'm going to bed early. Gotta get myself together because tomorrow one of my best friends is getting married!! 

May 15, 2013

Too Legit to Commit

Yesterday, while dress shopping with a friend, I heard those 7 little words that I have been waiting to hear....."I can tell you've been working out" hah! Music to my ears. Then I thought if only I had been pushing myself a little harder, I may have heard those words before now! But either way, I'll take it. It's extra motivation for me to keep going on this Weight In/Workout Wednesday. Anywhoo...

Yesterday I found the dress that I'm going to walk down the aisle in as Miss J and walk back out as Mrs. J. Wow. That's crazy. Just about immediately after walking out of the dress place, I think I started having an allergic reaction to committing to a dress. No issues committing to the man, just the dress. Or maybe my spring allergies were just acting up since the cotton wood trees have been out of control this week, whatevs. I got a little panicky, not going to lie. It reminded me of a time when calling a guy my "boyfriend" gave me the same panic. This chick right here used to have some serious commitment issues. I reached a point where I decided all men were dogs so I was just going to have fun with my family and friends and forget romance. All my friends were single at the time so what better time to just be single and enjoy our 20s right? and avoid a heart break or two or ten...

Yesterday reminded me of those funny times. I tried putting up walls only to realize when the time was right those walls would come tumbling down. And just at the right time, a good friend of mine reminded me that every little detail that I have been stressing over....which flower will be perfect, which piece of lace for the dress, which veil, which's all going to come together. Our day is going to be a big celebration of love and commitment. It isn't about the "stuff". 

And just like that the panic subsided. Any time I feel it creeping in, I just remind myself that everything is going to work itself out. Now if I can get my actual real allergies under control, everything will be perfect this week! 
As long as the 3 of us are there, it will be perfect

May 14, 2013

Mother Lover

So, in case you live under a rock or on another continent, you have probably heard enough about Mother's Day. But now it's time to hear about mine, muahaha! Actually, there's not much to tell. We had a really relaxed Mother's Day weekend. 

Pretty much every year since Brooklyn was old enough to go out to eat without throwing a fit, we have gone out for brunch. Our favorite place was a local tea room with amazing spinach quiche and the best salad ever. Seriously, how do you make a salad so amazing. I mean, it's salad! {says the girl that loves salad} That cute little place closed so we had to change things up. This year, we were running late getting to brunch so we ended up just going for Filipino food. Then we polished that off with some sushi for dinner...yummo!
We added some flowers to the front and back yard and did a little shopping. Basically my favorite things kinda mini, yummo food, pretty stuff and shopping!

And since I like to post weekend updates on a Tuesday, here's some bonus cuteness straight from Monday night. We made it to my niece Gracie's softball game after work. 
This little cutie waved every time I got my camera out....on or off the field

After game snack....I tried to tell her that was my snack! She wasn't buying it
Could she be any cuter!!
That's it for this weekend/Monday. Got some more things crossed off my wedding to do list today.....
I'm feeling good about how much progress I've made on my list of things. Once I put the finishing touches on the Save the Dates I will feel even better. But I'm taking a break this week for some BBQ love. Tomorrow night we will be enjoying some yummy food down on the River for BBQ Fest. I really can't wait. I love going for the private friends and family kind of night, and each year I see more and more people down there. So if you're in Memphis or going to be in town for BBQ fest, stop by and say hello!

Also, go over to Peacoats and Plaid to vote on this week's blog button design challenge. Pick the most eye catching button. There are 40 participants and I am in week 3, so be watchin! This new preggo and this fashion diva are up in week 4, so watch for them too!

May 9, 2013

I Got Jokes

So a teen with a pacifier walks into a Walmart....stop me if you've heard this one. Oh wait, no that's not a joke that's just something I saw yesterday during my first trip to Walmart in about 3 months. I was slapped in the face with "this is why you shouldn't go to Walmart ever". Thanks for the reminder. 

Anyways, today I'm linking up for Finish the Sentence. Fun little prompts for this Thursday. 
Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)....I am smart...just kidding, sisters! Kinda. 
My best friend says...crazy sh*t all the time and that's why I love her!
Some People call me...the space cowboy, Some call me the gangsta of love...Not sure why though. That's kinda weird. 
I most often dream...nightmares about my freaking wedding. Not about the groom but about the little details. Is this normal? I nixed a potential location this week mostly because of a bad dream. 
The best part of my hitting this little Hoops and Yo Yo quitting time button we have at work. You know, Hoops and YoYo, the Hallmark cartoons! I just love hearing their little animated voices say "You made it through the whole day without crying WOOHOO" I'm not joking. It's funny and it means I'm running out the door to my family!
I really don't understand...what that little Asian dude is saying in Gangnam Style. I thought he was saying "broken condom style" at one point. 
I get really annoyed...when people shuffle/drag their feet. It is one of my biggest pet peeves and there are at least two people that do it at work. Without seeing down the hallway I know they are coming my way. 
There's nothing like a...frozen drink with an umbrella, ocean noises, sand under your toes, and beautiful I right or am I right?
Lately, I can't get enough...fruit. I know that's lame but seriously, it all tastes amazing right now. I wish it was always this good. Makes it easier to eat healthy. 
One thing I am NOT is...stress free or patient. I make things worse than they are though because of those two things right there. 
I spent too much money on...stuff on sale! If you put crocs on sale cheap enough I will buy them!! Ok, maybe not. That's a bit extreme. But last night I bought another bottle of Advil in the check out line just because it was on sale. I didn't have a headache but I knew it was bound to happen...I mean, I was in Walmart. It was due to hit at any time. 
I want to to pick the winning lotto numbers or something. I would be such a great stay at home trophy wife if I had the chance.
If I ever met Ryan Gosling, I would...make all his dreams come true, if you know what I'm sayin' haha
I can't stop...thinking about Ryan with his shirt off now...
Never have I ever...won that game! I always end up having to take a freaking shot! Wait, is that considered winning then??
Reese still one of my favs! Love her. What sweet southern belle hasn't gotten a little too drunk and acted a fool....ok, so maybe not all of them get arrested. Details, details...

That's all I've got for today. Oh yea, I got paid $5 to run last other words I found $5 laying on the ground while I was huffing and puffing a measly little mile and a half out during B's pitching lesson. But I ran a little, so that's better than nothing. And I used my new Polar twice this week. Score!

Now, go link up and let me read your sentences!

May 7, 2013

I'm a Liebsbian

The sweet Brittany at Britt's Running Style nominated me last week for a Liebster Award! The rules of the Liebster are you list 11 random facts about yourself, answer the questions your nominator (?) gave you, then nominate some more bloggers! 

First up, my random facts:
1. I am a messy neat freak. I would rather have things all in a mess on the floor than stashed away in a closet or under a bed. If there isn't enough time to organize it, then it just stays a hot mess. Crazy.
2. My mom got a full paid vocal scholarship (that she passed on) and I cannot sing a note. That is a talent I wish I had inherited. 
3. I cannot stand any bug that could jump or fly into my hair. I have a bug-in-hair phobia. I once jumped over a seat in a moving vehicle because I spotted a grasshopper in the floor. This is even more serious considering....
4. I always wear my seat belt. I get anxiety if I do not have my seatbelt on in a car. I am afraid if I take my seatbelt off for just a second to grab something from the backseat (as a passenger not a driver) then I will have a wreck. (ps I'm a control freak)
5. I am the photographer at most events. I take lots of pics and my friends call me the photo nazi. 
6. I have 3 beautiful nieces. One of which may be coming to spend the night with us tonight. Her mom and dad have to get up early and get to the hospital for my BIL's surgery tomorrow so it would be easier for her to just stay with us. Plus, she goes to school with B so we are headed to the same place in the mornings anyways. 
7. My favorite movie is Serendipity. I love chick flicks. I love movies set in NYC. It's a win win.
8. I once ran OVER a cow. Ok it was a baby cow but still. My car went completely over it. I should mention it was laying down, and had already been run over before I hit it also so I didn't kill it. There were plenty of country jokes for me at work the next few weeks. 
9. I first heard and talked to my fiance 9 years ago but we didn't meet until 3 years ago. Confused? I will explain that one day soon. 
10. I am more superstitious than I will admit.
11. I changed my major 3 times before I stopped at accounting, a total random choice. 

Now for the Q&A sesh:

1. What is your favorite: treadmill, road, or trail? I am going with road. Trails are probably prettier but roads make more sense for me. The only trail I love to go walking through isn't really great for running. The others that I use are paved so that's basically like running on the road, ish. But most often I am on the treadmill for pure convenience. 
2. What do you have planned for races this coming year? I am running the Harbortown 5k in June. It's one of my favorite races and several of my favorite gals are running it too. Other than that I know I am doing the Grizzlies House 5K {while most people will be doing the St Jude half or full}. I will sign up for more but those are the only ones set in stone. 
3. Do you have a big or a small family? I have a nice mix of both. My mom's side of the family is pretty big. She has 5 brothers and sisters, so there are plenty of cousins. My dad is an only child so his side of the family is fairly small. 
4. Where did you grow up and what did you love about your town? I grew up in a tiny town in West TN. My parents still live there today and it is about 25 minutes from where I live now. I love how peaceful it is out there and I loved that I could basically go exploring wherever I wanted when I was a kid. 
5. What is your favorite color? Pink. Easy question there. But I love basically anything bright and colorful. 
6. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Nope, not a chance. But I get on to Brooklyn for doing the same thing. 
7. What kind of music do you like to listen to and who is your favorite band/artist? I listen to just about everything. And I don't think I have a favorite artist/band. It changes frequently. Right now I am loving JT because I just heard he is coming to town in November. Can't wait to see my cuz! 
8. How far have you traveled from home for business or pleasure? I think the farthest West I have been is Dallas. Farthest south is Cozumel or Grand Cayman, quick grab a map and tell me which is farthest {ok looked it up, Grand Cayman wins}. Farthest north would be NYC or actually CT during my NYC trip. 
9. Who is your favorite actor/actress? Channing Tatum...purely for obvious reasons. I don't care what the movie is, if he's in it then I'm there. 
10. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Oh now this is a tough question. There are so many artistic things I would LOVE to be able to do. But I guess if I could pick anything and actually be able to do it, it would be sing. I would sing at every little event possible if I could actually carry a tune. 
11. When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time? Usually I do a little reading or checking out pinterest, especially since I'm in full on wedding mode from now until September. When the weather gets nicer, all my free moments will be spent outside.

That's all I have for tonight, people! If you liked those questions, then consider yourself tagged and answer them for me. If you answer, let me know you did! 

May 6, 2013

Dance Party, Fishing Derby and Lists Oh My!

I've finally gotten over being mad at Monday for being here so soon. It only took me half a day so that's progress. 

This weekend was a little weird. We weren't traveling for a softball tournament. We had one scheduled but with the severe threat of rain all weekend long it was cancelled Friday afternoon. So what's a girl to do with a free Friday...
Dance party with her friend Kate! She ending up spending the night with the Steppe sisters and we met up Saturday morning for a fishing derby. Of course I swore to Lora I would not be late and I was even up early for me....and then we got lost and drove down a gravel road that ended up being someone's driveway. I was afraid we were about to hear a banjo. But we made it eventually with Brooklyn's fishing pole. She managed to catch a fish and she won a drawing for another fishing pole. 
Something was janky with my camera this weekend, so that's about the best picture I got with her new fishing pole. Then she was off to her dad's house and we headed home to do a little house work and yard work. It actually turned out to be a pretty beautiful weekend. Made me a little sad we weren't playing ball but I will take a free weekend when I can get it. 

And since I don't have nearly enough lists to work on (sarcasm), I gave myself a few goals to check off the list this week:

1. Plant flowers around my mailbox. We got the small bed around it cleared out this weekend....and by we, I mean Jeremy. Just hope the rain gives us a break at least one day to plant something there. 

2. Get in at least one run outside this week. I am only holding myself to one because I'm afraid it is going to rain today, Thurs and Friday. With softball practice and planting flowers one pretty day, that doesn't leave me much outside time. 

3. Only run lunch errands once this week. New goal for me. The rest of the time I need to either work a short lunch or hit the gym. I always get bored and end up at either Target or TJMaxx. Ridic. #womenbeshoppin

4. Make dinner every night this week. No excuses. 

5. {As long as B's new fan doesn't end up falling out of the ceiling} Move B to her new room this week and take back my office. The fan was put up this weekend but J has a few concerns about the construction of the room and whether or not the fan will be too heavy. He also decided we are building our next house and he will be there every day to inspect, haha. Fine by me! 

And that's it for this week's list. Well....this one. Go link up over here...

Operation Skinny Jeans
or here

May 3, 2013

Poppin' Buttons

It's a busy Friday over here, but I just wanted to drop in and share a little contest going on over at Peacoats and Plaid.
Go over there and enter your blog button in the contest. It's only open to the first 40, so get there quickly! Then we will all vote on our favorites.

In other news I may actually have time to clean my house this weekend. It's so bad I may need to take before and after shots! We have a tournament planned but in true Memphis in Mud May fashion it started raining this morning and may not stop until Sunday night after the last band performs. I will not be downtown for any of that fun. I will probably be cleaning, trying out my new Polar, and making more wedding lists. Sounds boring probably, but I'm actually kind of excited for all 3 of those things. So sue me, whatevs. 

Hope your weekends are equally as "exciting"! 

May 2, 2013

Member That Time

Remember that time I hounded J to pick his groomsmen, told him he had too many, and then I realized I had one more than bad.

Remember that time I almost left fish in my car for 12 hours when it was 90,000 degrees outside? 

Remember that time I texted Kimmyyyyy a "remember that time" text to say I was engaged.....and she didn't respond. She was in some part of the country without cell phone towers, so I forgive her. But for a minute I thought she broke up with me.

Remember that time I laughed out loud at my desk at work because of a text....oh right, that is like everyday! Thanks Lindsey for the engagement photo idea though....I'm hiring you to be my planner.

Remember that time I looked like a moron at the Express Oil change place?? Oh right, that was Tuesday. And I'm pretty sure the man that had to come pop my hood was mocking me when he said "no problem, that's what we're here for".... I got a comedian over there.

Remember that time I took the best BFF beach trip ever....and we took family pictures, baha!
Throwback Thursday
I was flipping through old pics for TBT and laughed at some pics again. 

Remember that time I had a free moment after work to just chill and relax?? Yea me neither...I was just hoping you did!

Anyways, that was fun. Now give me some "remember that times" and go link up with Kimmyyyyy {that's how I always refer to her}. Does anyone else feel like Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty when you start a "remember that time" conversation?? Just me? Mkay. 

May 1, 2013

I'm a Ramblin' (wo)Man

Today's episode of What I Forgot Today is brought to you by lunch...and fish...and exercise because I had to walk up and down the stairs several times today. Thank goodness I remembered my lunch at 9:30 instead of at 1pm. Of course I would leave my lunch in the car on a day I brought fish and when it was going to be 900 degrees outside. Just the thought of that smell makes me want to gag. Tomorrow lunch is going on my dash! 
In other news, it's weigh in Wednesday. I didn't actually weigh in this morning though. I've been avoiding my scale. I'm not afraid of what it says {ok maybe I am} but I know I need to focus on size instead of pounds right now. I am working on trimming my waist down a size. Time out. In all honestly, homegirl hasn't really worked on anything this week, fitness-wise. But going forward, I'm working on the waist line in a serious way. I tried on dresses this week and I was not happy. The dresses were ok but oh my goodness, the undergarments made me really feel like a busted can of biscuits. Not cool. 

So here's my work out plan this week:
Today: JM DVD (Following along with Kara's 4Mchallenge also)
Thursday: Lunch weight sesh & Run/Jog/Chubby girl bounce 2.5 miles
Friday: JM DVD
Saturday: Get some cardio in {tournament weekend}
Sunday: JM DVD & neighborhood jog

I was excited to see a Jess' challenge today too over at Erin's blog. I look forward to trying to keep focused with everyone else for these 10 weeks and beyond. 

Sorry the posts lately have been lacking in the picture department. I haven't been very snappy with my phone or camera. I've been working and making lists for the wedding mostly these last few days. I am a planner and I like having things planned as fast as possible. No matter when the date I'm planning for is, I'd rather be done right now. I already have Christmas lists going. I like my lists and I like to be done with tasks as soon as I can. But anyways, the point is I will hopefully be back to normal and posting funny ecard pictures or pictures of myself without my face soon!