Apr 5, 2013

The Most Expensive Nachos I've ever had

I thought this day would never come! Busy week is always the longest week of the month at work, and by Friday I feel like I have already worked my 5 days! Now the time just has to tick away until 3pm. I think I can, I think I can....

Last night was a little of a bust...sad face. We picked up B, changed into extra warm clothes, threw on our Redbirds hats and headed to the ball park....in the rain. I had high hopes. 
We picked up our schedule magnet, or 3, shopped around in the store, then grabbed some BBQ nachos to wait out the rain delay. If you are ever in Memphis, you must try our BBQ and the BBQ nachos are a fav of mine. The ones at the ball park are from Rendezvous. Yum! 

Unfortunately seeing a baseball game was just not in the cards for us. Despite the rain lightening up to a mist, they called the game after we were there about an hour and a half or so. Yes, we waited that long. We are a baseball/softball kinda family. 
We sat in a covered section because see where that crowd of people are standing next to the dugout....yep, those were our seats. I had high hopes of mini getting a baseball tossed to her from Mr. David Freese himself, but unfortunately that didn't happen. We did have a good/bad-for-you dinner that I didn't have to cook, so that was a win. And we got to listen to a lot of baseball stuff on the jumbotron until the game was officially called. 

Gas to the game: $10ish
Parking Pass: $10
Tickets: $48 
(but I can redeem these for another game)
Food: $19.50
Pretty expensive Nachos

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Shesabigstar said...

Oh bummer, I was hoping the weather held out for you! But BBQ nachos?! OMG - must have!!

Jaime Byram said...

BBQ nachos are one of my all time favorite foods. I hate that your game got cancelled but at least you'll have a reason to go back for more nachos.

Trish Forant said...

mmmm Now I want to get some nachos for dinner. We've got something called kicked up nachos here and it comes with spicy shrimp. Yum!

I'm surfing over from the UBP and thought I'd swing by and toss a little confetti. Hope you'll swing by my spot too. See you soon! Party on!

::: Tossing Confetti :::

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are a Cards fan too!!! I live in Lincoln County which is only about an hour from Busch Stadium, and while I don't make very many games (three work schedules and 5 kids make it almost impossible to juggle and afford) we watch every game we can at home!
I am here from UBP and I will definitely be back, if for no other reason that to cheer on the St. Louis Boys of Summer with you!!

Nicky Hudelson said...

I agree... some pretty expensive nachos! At least you can redeem the tickets:)
Visiting from the UBP and taking a moment to link up and say HI!

carma said...

as long as the nachos were tasty I'd call that a semi-win.

Hope you are enjoying the party!

Michelle said...

At least they will be the most memorable nachos you'll ever eat! They always seem to gab you on the drinks and food at those events, thats where they make their money!

Meredith said...

BBQ Nacho's have to be up there on my list of favorites. After BOTH of my kids were born it was my first meal in the hospital. Yep, catered to me in the hospital bed!