Apr 4, 2013

Opening Night

In case you didn't already know, it's opening night for my local baseball loves! My first love is the StL Cardinals, but their AAA affiliate is right here in the bluff city! And tonight I have second row seats behind/beside the home dugout! AND the 2011 MVP will be rehabbing with us at least for tonight (rumor is, he is with us through the weekend too). 

I usually don't miss opening night. I think I've only missed it once in like the last 6 years or something.
There was this time a few years back. We love us some Redbirds. Me and LA (on the right) are so hardcore even our gum was red!
This one is a pretty big fan herself. This is how we celebrated her first day of kindergarten back in 2008....at the ball park that night. 
Easter afternoon two years ago. Enjoying the game from the lawn. 

This year I thought I was going to have to throw a temper tantrum though...that option still isn't off the table actually. I will admit I have already pouted today a time or two because we were going to miss the game because of mini's softball practice. Then the weather got crummy so practice was cancelled. Now here's to hoping the weather isn't so bad that we are absolutely miserable tonight. I am not past wearing a snuggie and sleeping bag with one of those umbrella hats as an accessory tonight....

Wish me luck
Obviously I am going to need it!


Shesabigstar said...

We are so much alike! Our AA team is in the town next to mine and we just about live there in the summertime... so fun!! Hope the weather was good for the game!

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

How much fun, I really do love baseball. It's actually my favorite sport to watch, and I need to get my butt out there to more games this year! Let me know when yall are going and maybe we can go too.

Kimmyyy83 said...

Glad you got to go lova lovaaaaa