Apr 30, 2013

Forget Me Nots

You know how people have "good hair days", "good butt days", "smart days"? Yea I'm having a week's worth of "forgetful with a side of stupid and clumsy" days...and it's only Tuesday. 

Today I went to get my oil changed {because it's Tuesday, which is ladies day and I'm fairly certain they only let the comedian mechanics work this day} and I go to one of those places where you pull up, sit in your car, hand them your card, then drive away. I like simple. I like handling bills and phone calls while I am also getting a stupid car task done (yes, it is stupid! My car should never need maintenance. It should run perfectly for at least 10 years and then need new tires and run for another 5 before it needs brakes....perfect world). Today, I couldn't figure out how to pop my hood. Seriously. I have a bachelor's and half of a master's degree (hah!), why couldn't I not find that dang handle?! And of course the little mechanic man walks over, opens the door, and finds that cleverly hidden hood popper thingy like it was his job car. I think he could have easily done that blindfolded. 

I had another example of my stupidness for this week but guess what? I forgot it!! Which brings me to my next issue this week...umm what was it again?? Oh yea, forgetfulness! And if anyone says I have pregnancy brain, I will punch you in the face! I am blaming bridal brain. It is a real thing people. There are probably millions thousands hundreds tens of people that suffer from this disease every year!

I really don't know the point of saying all that other than I forgot what I was actually going to post about today, so there's that. Luckily, Kimmy is hosting a "remember that time" link up Thursday so that day is SET! I would say about 98% of our texts begin with "remember that time" and end with something that either makes her cry laughing or makes me run my car off the road, so yea, they are dangerous. 

And since I went last night to try on wedding dresses for the first time, I had to add this...

Apr 26, 2013

We Set a Date

Nope, just kidding! But seriously, I never realized how much that question gets asked right after the "congratulations". I feel like the pressure is on though. Right now we are trying to put together a guest list because I can't find a place until we have an estimated guest total...then once that's done we are at the mercy of the dates the venue has open.....I never realized how it was all connected. So many decisions are contingent on other decisions. How did the rest of you ladies do this??

Before this week is over {so close now!!} I need to recap the rest of the weekend for archive sake. 

Brooklyn and I ran our very first 5K together. Her first and my first in about two years I think. Wow, that's crazy. 
B was originally just signed up for the kids fun run, but decided to go ahead and run with me since she was a "big kid". We started off at a good pace and got about half a mile down the road when I noticed my shoe was untied. I stopped for that and let B run ahead. Eventually we caught up with 2 of her friends {the 3rd one was still closer to the front}. The girls then decided their new goal besides finishing first, obviously, would be to beat me and beat Lora. I told them they should try to beat Marley's mom, Meredith....who ended up taking 3rd in our age group. 
My time kinda sucked but I am ok with that. I have always been slow, but I can work on that this year. I did manage to beat B, but her friend Alex finished one second before me...one second! But thanks to that little kid, I sprinted faster at the last stretch than I have probably ever sprinted in my life! 
After the race, Brooklyn decided to go ahead and do the fun run. She was feeling pretty confident after her leisurely stroll the last mile of the 5K! 
She finished 5th but the poor thing came in crying. Her stomach started hurting right after the first turn and she felt pretty crummy at the end. Luckily she perked up and changed her mind about "never running a 5K" with me again. Hopefully she will join me for a few more this year. 
Always time for a flex break
Some other awesome blog ladies were there too, so of course we had to get a few photos together. And yes, that is totally our finish time....
Meredith, Me, LauraB, Lora, Laura, & Jaime

Apr 23, 2013

The Time my Sister didn't Get Engaged

This past weekend was probably one of the busiest non-softball weekends we have had in a while. There was a 5k, a bunco fundraiser, errands, dinner and then this....
I am still a little in shock that we can plan a wedding now. I'm not just looking at cute stuff on Pinterest. I'm saving real ideas for my real wedding. What?! I love it. I am so excited to marry such an amazing man. He is the perfect match for me and I truly love him with all my heart.

Now for the funny part....So before taking it to social media I had to tell my family first. Apparently my dad knew it was coming, so he wasn't really going to be surprised. I needed to tell my mom and sisters. So I texted my sisters together and they were happy and excited of course. And I had been going back and forth trying to decide when to tell my mom. She is a nurse and works nights, so she is usually asleep during the day. Well, lately she has been dealing with a lot of stress because my grandfather seems to have something going on and they don't know what. Several falls lately, dr visits, generally not well. So if she isn't at work, she's with my grandpa, and during the other 5 min of the day, she's probably napping. So while my mom was at work Sunday I decided to just text her. Whatever. We are high tech now, why not pass on great news via text. Her response: Ur full of crap.....thanks mom. Then she tells me to put it back in the crackerjack box and she has had too much bad news and stuff going on right now to be joked around with.....

I nearly burst into tears and went off at the same time. I tried to tell myself this in some way was my mom being funny, she just wasn't coming across well in text. I continued talking back and forth with my sisters and then I get a text from my baby sister (she's 19). She was dying laughing. Apparently my mom called her and told her to give the ring back and stop being crazy, etc. She thought Lil J texted her saying she was engaged. She apparently just looked at the hand, not the FROM part of the message!!! My sister corrected her and she was like "oh crap, I've gotta go". Then all was right in the world. Everyone was happy again.

The following morning I get a text from my dad....."Your mom just got in from work {and told him the story}....and I cannot stop laughing :) :) :)"

Apr 15, 2013

The time I learned I was a Commie....

Let me just start by talking to anyone who deals with the general public for your job.....Bless your heart! Seriously. 

This weekend I thought it would be fun to go stub tickets at a local race track just for S&Gs. I also thought it was fun to be called a racist and a communist within the first hour. And I got LOTS of great "offers" from "gentlemen" I met as the day went on. Why, do you ask, would I do something "fun" like this....
Oh yea, for this little nugget! It was part of her softball organization's big annual fundraiser. Last year I worked the concession stand and swore off nachos for life....or until the next time I ended up at a Mexican place, whichever. This year, I got lucky and got an easier job. No one mentioned how entertaining it would be though. I discovered a lot of things that I didn't know freaked me out as much as they did. And I didn't realize so many people had sores on their hands. Bleh. But seriously, it wasn't all that bad. I did actually see a few people that I know. I think one person thought I was going through some financial troubles and had to start picking up extra jobs, but whatevs. It is what it is. 

I finished up my shift on Saturday with a horrible dehydrated headache and potential migraine brewing. Of course, it was nothing a good fountain Dr. Pepper and trip to Marshall's couldn't cure. I've been wanting some new workout gear for months but I told myself I wasn't getting anything new until I proved to myself I deserved some new things. So I picked up a new gym bag ($7.99...how could I pass on that) and a running skirt to wear this weekend for my come back run!
Also, on the weekend agenda, finish painting mini's pepto pink bedroom. I am pretty much done with her walls after this weekend except for a little tiny spot between the door and the wall that I forgot about and the part inside her window where the blinds were blocking. 

And I'm linking up over at Fantastically Average for this week's goals:

  1. Run at least 3 times this week before the 5k.
  2. Finish the paint in Mini's room.
  3. Do my taxes...yea, how did I not do those already?!
  4. Get prizes for the big Bunco event this weekend! Can't wait!
  5. Find a new awesome pressed foundation powder. Any recommendations??
That's it for today! Anyone else coming out of their running retirement? Anyone wish they didn't have awkward tan lines? Anyone want to do my taxes for me while I'm at work?? 

Apr 8, 2013

Spring Says Hey

This weekend while all the athletic kids were running a half marathon in StL.  (Lora, Laura, Meredith, Holly, Mel....), I was camped out at the softball fields. IG in one hand, scorebook in the other. 

We had a local tournament and the last tournament before our two week break. Well, I say it is a break. It's a break for the kids. The parents had to work our butts off with a big fundraiser next weekend and a little one the weekend after that. Good times, right? This wasn't mentioned in my parenting handbook....

Anyways, some pictures from the weekend...

My favorite player and favorite coach...I may be a bit bias though

Somehow despite the sun, I walked away from this weekend unburned. Probably the first time ever. Never fear, I am sure to get the "raccoon eyes" before the end of the month, I'm sure. 

After all day games, we still were able to get a lawnmower and cut the grass for the first time at the new house this weekend. And I say we like I had anything to do with that. But I was there to take pictures and point to where I want lawn furniture so that counts....
While outside work was getting marked off the to do list, I was working on mini's room. The hot pink wall is done, and I have trimmed off the light pink walls. Tonight I am hoping to get another step further and finish the room this week. Then it's on to the office where I will probably cuss the wall when my chevron pattern turns out like something a kindergarten painted. Fun times are a coming! 

Mingle 240

Apr 5, 2013

The Most Expensive Nachos I've ever had

I thought this day would never come! Busy week is always the longest week of the month at work, and by Friday I feel like I have already worked my 5 days! Now the time just has to tick away until 3pm. I think I can, I think I can....

Last night was a little of a bust...sad face. We picked up B, changed into extra warm clothes, threw on our Redbirds hats and headed to the ball park....in the rain. I had high hopes. 
We picked up our schedule magnet, or 3, shopped around in the store, then grabbed some BBQ nachos to wait out the rain delay. If you are ever in Memphis, you must try our BBQ and the BBQ nachos are a fav of mine. The ones at the ball park are from Rendezvous. Yum! 

Unfortunately seeing a baseball game was just not in the cards for us. Despite the rain lightening up to a mist, they called the game after we were there about an hour and a half or so. Yes, we waited that long. We are a baseball/softball kinda family. 
We sat in a covered section because see where that crowd of people are standing next to the dugout....yep, those were our seats. I had high hopes of mini getting a baseball tossed to her from Mr. David Freese himself, but unfortunately that didn't happen. We did have a good/bad-for-you dinner that I didn't have to cook, so that was a win. And we got to listen to a lot of baseball stuff on the jumbotron until the game was officially called. 

Gas to the game: $10ish
Parking Pass: $10
Tickets: $48 
(but I can redeem these for another game)
Food: $19.50
Pretty expensive Nachos

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Apr 4, 2013

Opening Night

In case you didn't already know, it's opening night for my local baseball loves! My first love is the StL Cardinals, but their AAA affiliate is right here in the bluff city! And tonight I have second row seats behind/beside the home dugout! AND the 2011 MVP will be rehabbing with us at least for tonight (rumor is, he is with us through the weekend too). 

I usually don't miss opening night. I think I've only missed it once in like the last 6 years or something.
There was this time a few years back. We love us some Redbirds. Me and LA (on the right) are so hardcore even our gum was red!
This one is a pretty big fan herself. This is how we celebrated her first day of kindergarten back in 2008....at the ball park that night. 
Easter afternoon two years ago. Enjoying the game from the lawn. 

This year I thought I was going to have to throw a temper tantrum though...that option still isn't off the table actually. I will admit I have already pouted today a time or two because we were going to miss the game because of mini's softball practice. Then the weather got crummy so practice was cancelled. Now here's to hoping the weather isn't so bad that we are absolutely miserable tonight. I am not past wearing a snuggie and sleeping bag with one of those umbrella hats as an accessory tonight....

Wish me luck
Obviously I am going to need it!

Apr 3, 2013

Random WIW

Happy Weigh in Wednesday!!! It's judgement day. Final dietbet weigh in day. No need for a drumroll though. Nothing too impressive around here. Weighed in the same as last week but I'm actually super excited about keeping that number. It's a number I haven't seen on a consistent basis in a while. And luckily, I have until midnight tomorrow to lose my last 0.8 lb to reach my dietbet goal and get my dollas back. 

Some accomplishments this week....
  • I said no to a blueberry donut. That has never in the history of donuts and work, ever happened to me. Ever. 
  • I went to the gym 3 times during the last week at lunch. Finally have a little groove going....10 min mile on the treadmill then on to weights for about 30 minutes. This always includes the leg press and some ab work. The arm work rotates from day to day depending on which machines are already occupied and if I can get in some work with the free weights
  • Got in a 3 mile walk during the last 35 minutes of softball practice. Where B practices there is a track around the complex. I think about 3 laps equal a mile. Toward the end I had to start running half of the laps because walking was hurting my shins. Ouch
  • I've gotten better at "make ahead" cooking. Monday I made the meat portion of Monday and Tuesday's dinners. Then last night I made the rest of dinner and part of tonight's dinner. I think Thursday will be a crockpot meal. This cook is getting tired this week. 
  • I ate dark chocolate. I know this isn't really an "accomplishment" but hear me out....I hate dark chocolate. It sucks. Give me caramel and milk chocolate. White chocolate is my jam. But this week when I knew I needed a sweet fix instead of having a rolo or Reese's, I had a Hershey's dark chocolate mini. For the first time I ate a piece of dark chocolate....on purpose! And I broke it into little pieces so it lasted all afternoon. 
  • I have lived off one can of Dr P per day....this is about a third of the norm for me. And in the last 48 hours, I've only had water. Baby steps, people, baby steps! 
That's pretty much all that's been going on diet-wise this week. I hope to log a few more hours in the gym over the rest of April though. Before I know it, it will be summer and vacation time and patio party time! I've got my mind on the beach today too. 
And it's this dress's fault. This is only the second time I've worn it. The first being at the beach back in October. I felt the need to throw on something bright today but of course this morning's starting temp was around 40...hence the jacket. Boo. 

Now I need everyone to do a little anti-rain dance for tomorrow. It's Redbirds opening night and we have 2nd row seats behind the dugout....and my Cardinal buddy, David Freese, is in the starting lineup. He's rehabbing in Memphis. I'm SO excited!!!

Apr 2, 2013

Get it Together

That's what I'm trying to tell myself. It's just one of those weeks....and it's only Tuesday. I had a post for yesterday almost all the way done and something blew up yesterday and half of it was gone. Nice. Also my post on Friday talking about my undying love for all things baseball didn't post as scheduled so there's that. Yep. Just can't get it together this week. Plus it's busy week, and I have a nice dose of mommy guilt going on because of that. Happy Tuesday!

I'm going to fix the earlier posts and backdate those today, so sorry if it shows up all wonky in your reader. I promise one day this week I am actually going to post on the right day....or maybe next week!