Mar 26, 2013

Spring Projects

Spring is our absolute busiest time of the year. Happens every year. I guess there is just so much fun stuff going on during this time. Plus school work gets a little harder to prep for the next year's work load. Softball is way busier thanks to warmer weather {well....we may still be waiting on that weather part} 

To make things more complicated, I've got a running list of house projects I want to get completed this spring....

1. Paint B's room then actually move her into it
2. Hire someone to paint the living room/hall/all connecting areas. Notice I said HIRE....ain't nobody got time for that!
3. Paint the master bedroom and bath and choose a new bedding set
4. Deal with the annoying pantry situation. Too much awkward space. 
5. Paint the office and get some shelves for the closet.
6. Pick ONE theme for the bonus room....ONE. I have about 3 running around in my head but that could get tacky. 

And that's my immediate list of things I want done. There are others *cough* new floors, new couch, new table, patio furniture *cough cough* on my list as well, but I can't knock all that out all at once. Last week we worked on project #1
Everything got taped off earlier in the week, then we went to pick out paint. B's plan all along has been one hot pink wall and the rest are light pink walls. This is partly a compromise because I didn't think I could handle hot pink on all walls. Now I'm just hoping it doesn't end up looking like pepto exploded on the wall. Could be worse? right? 
Here's a during-ish picture of the hot pink wall. I still need to add one more coat to really cover it good. Then it is on to the light pink walls. 

When we moved, I just knew we would get everything in, unpacked, sorted, fixed, painted, bought, etc and be ready for spring in the new wonder so many people laughed at me! There's still a long road ahead and I am the worst at making decisions, so the decor is probably going to take a while. But I feel 100x better just getting one wall finished. Our first wall painted wall! It makes me happy, happy, happy!

Want to know something else that makes me happy? Getting nominated for a Liebster by the sweet Analisa at Books, Bills and Grocery Bags. I'm going to give my 11 facts about myself and answer her questions for me this week, but in the meantime go over there and say hello! She just posted a ton of great Cleanse-friendly recipes today. I'm not doing the cleanse but I'm still going to try a few of these! 

Anyone else have some home projection going on? Any suggestions for a bonus room? I may drop my ideas in a hat and draw a theme!


Analisa said...

Thanks girl:)

Love the hot pink wall! You guys will be busy this spring!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Love that wall. Painting closets (wtf, no one can even see them, right? but they're awful) and my front door are on my spring house to do.

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

That is going to be so pretty!! Lucky girl light blue and yellow is all I could get my mom to agree to lol!

Michelle said...

Now that is one hot pink wall colour! Perfect for a girls room its going to look great :D
Im starting to renovate my kitchen so probably spend some time on that this weekend, packing up my ever growing collection of kitchenware and the pantry. Fun fun!

Karen Curtis said...

What a fun project! I have never painted anything but would be willing to give it a try.