Mar 27, 2013

Hump Day Happy Dance

Happy freaking Wednesday!! Wednesday is trying it's best to become my favorite day of the week. All because of a little thing called Weigh in Wednesday. Earlier this year I was not so excited to see that scale on Wednesday morning. I would regret that extra serving of dinner the night before. Regret the piece....who am I kidding...pieces of chocolate while sitting at my desk at work. Regret not making it to the gym one single time. Today I worried that I hadn't done enough this week. Last week was a big week (I sound like I'm on the Biggest Loser now) and I stuck to some goals. This week, I didn't think I had given it my all. But I stepped on the scale to...

another pound gone!

Yep, gone because it's not coming back! I stayed in the decade I wanted to be in and went down some more. Now I am just one tiny little pound away from reaching my DietBet challenge goal. And the biggest thing this week....I actually feel like That is huge in my book. Things finally are clicking. I have a list of healthy dinners for the next two weeks, healthy lunch options, my bags have been packed for the gym on days I can stop by at lunch, and I have started pumping iron instead of just doing cardio all day errrday. I am not at the place I want to be just yet, but I can see that I will get there if I keep this up. 

Ok on to the next topic. I realized this week that I haven't posted a pic on here of our newest edition to the family yet. Yes, this one was planned...
Meet Kallie our rescue doggy. I made an agreement with Brooklyn many years ago that once we had a house, she could have a dog. Every kid needs a dog, right? Well, before we closed on the house, B was already bugging me about a dog. I started wishing I could take back that promise. I didn't want to have to potty train something or worry if it was going to eat up my favorite shoes while I was at work. One day when I was off work I randomly checked out this local rescue group that fosters dogs until a forever home is found for them. These people really are dog people. They love these animals like they are their children. And that's when I found Allie. A good natured, house broken, adult Schnauzer/Terrier mix. After a few emails, calls and paperwork, we got to take this cutie home with us. I seriously could not have asked for a better dog. She is one big cuddle bug that already understands most of the commands we give her.  Since Jeremy's lab Allie passed away last year, he wasn't really keen on the idea of calling this cutie Allie, so we let B decide what letter to put in front of Allie to make it slightly different. She went from Kallie, to Sallie, to Mallie, to Sallie and then back to Kallie and that is what we are sticking with. 

Now I think we are all up to date. I know you are relieved! Hope everyone else's Wednesday is going as good as mine! See ya'll tomorrow!

Mar 26, 2013

Spring Projects

Spring is our absolute busiest time of the year. Happens every year. I guess there is just so much fun stuff going on during this time. Plus school work gets a little harder to prep for the next year's work load. Softball is way busier thanks to warmer weather {well....we may still be waiting on that weather part} 

To make things more complicated, I've got a running list of house projects I want to get completed this spring....

1. Paint B's room then actually move her into it
2. Hire someone to paint the living room/hall/all connecting areas. Notice I said HIRE....ain't nobody got time for that!
3. Paint the master bedroom and bath and choose a new bedding set
4. Deal with the annoying pantry situation. Too much awkward space. 
5. Paint the office and get some shelves for the closet.
6. Pick ONE theme for the bonus room....ONE. I have about 3 running around in my head but that could get tacky. 

And that's my immediate list of things I want done. There are others *cough* new floors, new couch, new table, patio furniture *cough cough* on my list as well, but I can't knock all that out all at once. Last week we worked on project #1
Everything got taped off earlier in the week, then we went to pick out paint. B's plan all along has been one hot pink wall and the rest are light pink walls. This is partly a compromise because I didn't think I could handle hot pink on all walls. Now I'm just hoping it doesn't end up looking like pepto exploded on the wall. Could be worse? right? 
Here's a during-ish picture of the hot pink wall. I still need to add one more coat to really cover it good. Then it is on to the light pink walls. 

When we moved, I just knew we would get everything in, unpacked, sorted, fixed, painted, bought, etc and be ready for spring in the new wonder so many people laughed at me! There's still a long road ahead and I am the worst at making decisions, so the decor is probably going to take a while. But I feel 100x better just getting one wall finished. Our first wall painted wall! It makes me happy, happy, happy!

Want to know something else that makes me happy? Getting nominated for a Liebster by the sweet Analisa at Books, Bills and Grocery Bags. I'm going to give my 11 facts about myself and answer her questions for me this week, but in the meantime go over there and say hello! She just posted a ton of great Cleanse-friendly recipes today. I'm not doing the cleanse but I'm still going to try a few of these! 

Anyone else have some home projection going on? Any suggestions for a bonus room? I may drop my ideas in a hat and draw a theme!

Mar 25, 2013

Put it on Instagram

Some of the conversations I have with my daughter really make me laugh. I feel so old saying how different things are now from when I was her age. I just can't imagine how much things are going to change in another 10 years. 

Friday was spring picture day at school, and B always wants me to curl her hair or do something special for pictures. This year we tried a little curling technique I found over on Aunie Sauce's blog
She doesn't look impressed here, but she was excited to have curly hair for picture day. She slept in this little roll thingy overnight without it all falling out of place. 
She was pretty happy with her "fancy hair" for the day. And I was joking with her about being so dressed up for pictures because pretty much every single day of school, she has her hair in a ponytail. She washes her hair at night, dries it a little then goes to bed. Then in the mornings she has crazy hair and not enough time to straighten the kinks out of it. Now I know when she's a teenager, she will probably take 2 hours getting it perfect in the mornings but for now, she just throws it in a ponytail and goes on about her day. 

When we got in the car, I said "hey girl hey, do you think anyone is going to recognize you when you walk into school today? They may think you are a new student with your hair down and curled"

She just laughed at me and said "They'll recognize me. I already put a picture on instagram".....

Yep, there ya have it, folks. Apparently you MUST upload your picture day picture to IG before going to school so everyone gets a preview. I kind of expected her to tag it #ootd when I looked at her IG. 

Mar 21, 2013

Elephant in the room....

...or at the gym. And I'm not being rude because I'm talking about myself. I sound like a full on momma elephant on the treadmill at the gym. Can you tell I forgot my headphones today? 

I skipped out on early morning workout this week because I've being tired and cranky. The Monday I packed a bag for the gym Tuesday....didn't go because I forgot shoes....packed shoes for Wednesday....didn't go....had to run too many errands at much....Thursday, finally made it to the gym on my lunch break. 
I was shocked as you can see. And tired. And racking my brain trying to figure out how to make a sports bra and neon tank "work appropriate". Luckily we were sporting our Memphis gear (or whatever school you wanted to support but it was mostly Memphis) for March Madness, so I got to throw a tshirt on after this. 
Anywho, it's been busy around these parts. I missed the official Weigh in Wednesday post but I am not missing telling errrrbody that I lost 2.5 lbs this week. I am pretty shocked. I worked out while I was off a few days with the kiddo on spring break but I ate a lot of junk. Being at home during the day does that to me, bleh. I am just hoping next week is even better so I can coast on to the end of this DietBet!

I have more updates for ya, but no photographic evidence so we all know if it's not on IG or at least a photo on your iphone it didn't see yall tomorrow!

Who's everyone else rooting for today?? Any other March Madness people loving today and this weekend?

Mar 11, 2013

Spring Break Yall

Happy Time Change Monday, errrbody! Are you getting that weird feeling like it should be later in the day already?! I am not a fan of losing an hour but I am a HUGE fan of this time of year. It will be light outside when we get home!!!! Do you know how awesome that is?! It makes me want to run put on shorts and a tank, layout out in my backyard with a mommy slushy, and catch up on some blog reading! But since it's like 40 degrees and gloomy, maybe that will have to wait. Just maybe. 

This weekend kicked off softball season. If you can really call it a "season". It is pretty much year round, but we have small breaks when it is too cold to be outside. This was my view Friday night...
We headed to Jackson (about an hour or hour and a half from home) to play two ball games Friday - 8pm and 9:15pm. Blegh. I keep the score book so I was freezing my fingers off. We got a loss and a nice win on the books Friday night. 
Saturday warm ups
Saturday we got to sleep in then head back to the park but Sunday we were SO not that lucky. We ended up in the 8:30am game on Sunday morning....rewind that....that means be there at 7:30, leave home at 6:15, wake up at 5:45 (more like 6 because I was going with my "just rolled out of bed look"), lose an hour so that makes it 4:45....*ouch*

Sunday afternoon looked a lot like this....
While I was looking at this....
The Vow kept me from falling asleep and messing up my timing even more than it was. Then after The Vow I found Step Up coming on another channel. Can you say perfect Sunday?? I DVR'd it to watch without commercials later (note to self: why do I not own Step Up?? I really need to fix that) and watched Justin Timberlake's SNL instead. Gotta support my cousin when he comes on TV! 

It was a fun busy weekend with my softball star. I hate that I missed getting to go dance it up with this awesome lady this weekend though. Sad face! There's always April! And maybe I can talk her and friends into coming down for Memphis in May! Any takers? 

Mar 8, 2013

Linkup McGee

You know I love me a good link up on a Friday. And how cute are stick figure Holly and Jake below? I am sleepy and cranky this morning, so you just never know what kinda answers I'm giving out today for this. And since I am totally not caught up on my blogs yet for the week, I am not going to be much help for Lora's linkup, but seriously, go over there read and linkup! I'm behind so I'm going over there to see what I missed out on this week. 


1. People always tell me....there'll be days like this, oh there'll be days like wait, that's what momma says. But seriously, I have a lot of people tell me they didn't realize I was funny....umm ,thanks...I think??
2. In the movie based on my life...I want Reese Witherspoon to play me because I like to pretend my Southern accent is as cute as hers. 
3. Typically, I end up regretting....procrastinating. I am SO bad about that.
4. I always ask to leave off the....mustard and onions. Geee-rody! Side note: I like cooked onions and honey mustard. Just not the regular stuff.
5. Kim and Kanye really...are the same person, didn't you know? 
6. My Parents always reminded me...that I "would see" when I got older. And man were they right. Apparently they were always right. I hate admitting that. 
7. Every single day I.....look in the mirror and know I'm a BAMF....or just brush my teeth, whatever.
8. This one time in College...I ran into my professor off campus during our class time. Apparently we both skipped that day?! It was awkward. Especially since I told him I was out of town in an email earlier that day. Oopsy.
9. My grossest habit is...biting my nails probably. I can't help it. I swear.
10. My latest white lie was..."No, those don't look like Mom Jeans"
11. I know all the words to..."Ice Ice Baby" and "Ain't Going Down Til the Sun Comes Up" I like the white boys that can flow...haha
12. When I grow up...I want to be Holly, no but seriously. Except she's younger than me. So I guess I just want to be sexay when I grow up! 
13. Sexy time is...oh boy, what if Lindsey's Memaw finds my blog. Not going there. 
14. I will never, ever...make the mistakes of my 20s again, or eat Taco Bell before a 5k, or drink bubble gum vodka, or go a day without saying "I love you", or stop loving cray cray reality tv....and many more
15. I think it's hilarious...when people run into things. I just can't help it. Don't say that's not funny! You know it is! 

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, have a super awesome weekend! I will be at the ball park until late tonight. Gotta go find some toothpicks to keep my eyes open through the late game. Then it's up early for my workout! Wish me luck! 

Mar 7, 2013

Couldn't if I tried

*So somehow this didn't post yesterday....I'm backdating it. My bad...

I just couldn't make up some of the things I see. This is even up there with Kimmy's FBI 7Eleven. I see the problem....gas stations. 

On my way home yesterday, I was sitting at a red light and saw a kid standing outside a car at the gas pump. My first thought was "wow, he's kinda out there in the parking lot. The way people drive crazy, someone could hit him." Light turns green. "What is that kid doing?" He was peeing....facing the street like it was a normal thing. Dad/grandpa/uncle/someone was standing closer to the car. I guess he was avoiding getting peed on. Now I understand boys are gross and they like peeing in the woods or on trees or whatever, but is it normal to just stand in a gas station parking lot and pee facing traffic? 
Anyways, I managed to get myself up again this morning for another 5am workout. It wasn't as easy as the first day, but it wasn't really hard either. I would definitely recommend Jillian's Killer Buns and Thighs for anyone getting "Red Bikini" ready for this summer. 

Tomorrow I am taking the morning off. Sssh, don't tell Jill though. Getting another hour of sleep and preparing for a long Friday night at the ball fields. 

Happy Friday Eve!!!

Mar 6, 2013

Impress YoSelf

**Happy** Wednesday!!! Guess who is that annoying, awake, happy, bouncy chick this morning at work?? THIS girl!

I have been the queen of excuses over the last 6 months {and by 6 months I mean probably longer than that} when it comes to working out. I usually get up at 6, work 8-5, get home at 6 two nights a week and 8-8:45 three nights a week. I cook dinner, eat late and then crash. I have not been consistent with working out or running in such a long time. Then yesterday I read this post by SkinnyMeg. Guess who also has an hour commute to and from work {my biggest excuse for not having time}? That girl! I told myself getting up an hour earlier will in fact not kill me. I know that. 

So last night I set my alarm for 5:00 and 5:05 am. I laid out my workout clothes and got in bed early {for me}. It took 2 hours to fall asleep! Have you seen that movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" where SJP is laying in bed with a million to do lists running through her head?
That was me last night. But I finally drifted off to dreamland. I woke up several times this morning in anticipation of my alarm clock. And at 5:05, I got out of bed, headed upstairs and hit play on my 30DS DVD. It may not have been the prettiest but I was still impressed with myself. 
I have to say, I feel amazing so far. I also had time to do so much this morning....including weighing in for Weight in Wednesday AND Erin's Dietbet challenge (and start a load of dishes, and pick up the kitchen, ....blah blah blah). I'm planning on getting in my 5am workout again tomorrow but not Friday. My mini me has softball games Friday night at 8 and 9:15pm in a tournament about an hour away from home, so I'm resting up Friday morning. 

That's all I've got! How did everyone else do on Weigh in Wednesday? Happy Hump Day!!


Mar 1, 2013

Squaty McHottie

Two posts in one day?? Say whaaa!

Don't get too excited. I just had to share a shirt site with ya. My friends Lora had me working on a "search mission" this morning and I found what may be my new favorite Tshirt site. 

You must check these out at Skreened. Has anyone ever ordered from here before? 

These are just a few of my favorites:

Of course, not all of them are workout related. There are some pretty great other shirts. These just caught my attention first. 

Now it's your turn. Share with me some of your favorite Tshirts or tanks. I'm looking for some new cute ones for the gym. Gotta get on that for next week if I'm going to start this

Everyone Loves a Giveaway

Guess what?? It's Friday, bishes!! It's my almost favorite day of the week. Still a close second to Saturday. This weekend we are finishing out our move and cleaning the old apartment. I am so glad to get that chapter behind me and get started on decorating the new house!

And since I love Fridays so much, how about a giveaway?? Check out this group giveaway from Holly at Running in Stilletos {Love her blog name}. 

I was once lucky enough to win a giveaway over at Holly's blog! I just love getting those "congratulations" emails from one of my favorite bloggers! This one is only open for entries through Tuesday, March 5th so make sure you get over there asap so you don't miss out! 

So I have to share this funny conversation we had on the way home last night after discussion relationship statuses on Facebook {what makes my 10 yr old think about these topics??}:
B (my mini me): When did you meet Jeremy?
Me: I've told you before, when I used to work for a company that did business with his company.
B: But how did you know he was cute?
Me: I could tell by his voice, country accents are hot
B: Mommmm! No really. What if he was ugly. Oh wait, you saw him on Facebook. Did you see all his girlfriends too?
J: {chuckle} Girlfriendssssss?
Me: {laughing again} Yea, but it was no big deal I just told them all to get to steppin'
B: Mommm....

Lately she has been pretty interested in hearing stories about us before she met J. I like to throw in some curve balls to see if she's paying attention. 

Ok everyone, hope your Friday is fan-freaking-tastic!
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a new version of my fav ecard