Feb 1, 2013

Weekend Pre-cap

It is February and I feel like I am still trying to get back to normal. Haven't I been doing that all January too?! Don't answer that question. 

Despite being sick I got my hairs did last night. I have to say it actually made me feel much better and more like me. I had put it off WAY too long. I would love to share an "after" pic today but I was running late this morning and didn't take one. Bad blogger! I'm even wearing a cute outfit today, you'll have to take my word for it!

So anyways, ya know those good intentions that you always have...like New Years resolutions. Then you start falling off the wagon by January 2nd. This weekend I am getting back on the workout wagon. I was off for a while with moving, then I got sick, but now....no excuses! 

Here's my weekend precap:
Tomorrow: up and at 'em early with spin at 7am...that's a scary time for a Saturday. Off to Miss Sassy's basketball game at 11:30. Then do some more cleaning/moving stuff. 
Sunday is a toss up right now. I can't decide if I want to do cardio and weights at the gym or 30DS and yoga at home. Or run. We will see. As long as I do some combo of those I'm good. Then it's off to a Super Bowl party at friends'. Can't wait to get together with some folks. Friends and sports are one of my favorite combos! Just one question....who exactly is playing in the Super Bowl this year??? Totally kidding, Mel, don't smack me for that one, hah!

And as you all know, if you don't put it on IG, the workout didn't really happen! So if you don't see me posting something about the gym tomorrow, call me out! (IG: @janessa1020)

Have a great Super Bowl weekend, errrrbody!


Tasha Reeves said...

Tried to follow you on Twitter so I can follow you on IG. Have a awesome weekend!!!!

LB @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Yay have fun at spin class tomorrow!

Kates @ You Betcha Baby said...

Get it girl, I know you will do awesome!

Lora said...

I'm calling you out woman!!! I saw nothing about spin this morning....lol