Feb 28, 2013

I'm a Poser, Baby

For some reason when I was younger, I hated when women carried their purse at their elbow. 
I thought it looked so "old fashion". My grandmother carried her purse like that and I always told her to let me pick out a bag she could carry on her shoulder. And if it wasn't old ladies carrying them like that it was someone super high class, New York fashionista. I guess I was ok with that but that's not a category I would classify myself in. 

Then there was this morning. I am walking in to the office with my satchel style purse {handbag, if I want to get all fancy, right?} right at my elbow, heels on, and cute coffee cup in hand....who is this person?? When did I become one of those grown ups? I felt like such a poser. Does anyone else ever feel like that? Like you are still about 18 but really you are 29 and holding? Then I read Lindsey's post on being 30. It was just the compliment to how I was feeling this morning. So maybe I'm not a poser after all. Who knew!

I am going to take my grown up self to finish doing some moving tonight after work. Hopefully I can squeeze about 2 hours worth of moving into like 30 minutes. The boys are back in town....ok, not really, but my man is back home tonight so that will make moving some things much easier. Also, I can sleep at night instead of hearing every freaking weird noise in our house at night. Of course some noises aren't just my house...
Some noises look like this the next day. Can anyone tell me how someone doesn't see these glowing neon signs at night? On a straight, pretty much flat deadend street? In a quiet neighborhood? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? The noise from these tire marks was so loud I thought for sure a car was about to come barreling into our living room. Also, why did this happen on a night when there wasn't a man in the house to squish bugs, take out trash, and protect us from idiots? Luckily, the person backed up, walked around the truck a few times, then turned around and left. Don't think I didn't go ahead and look up the number to the police while this was going on just in case the person took one step toward my door. Better safe than sorry. This could have been an ax murderer's grand entrance for all I know. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Feb 26, 2013

Thank you

I just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you to my blog (and IRL, of course) friends that have checked in over the last few days. Since Thursday night I've spent over 15 hours driving, slept in a hospital waiting room, and went to a visitation and a funeral for a truly awesome person that I feel lucky to have known. 

For the next few days I'm going to be playing catch up at work and trying to finish the remainder of our move by Thursday. {how did the end of February get here this quickly} And if any of you local friends want to come over you are more than welcome to. Jeremy will be out of town a few days handling family things, and I realized last night that my house makes creepy noises when it's dark. No bueno!

Again, thank you for the prayers, texts, and emails this weekend. Love you all!

Feb 14, 2013

Valentine's and Yoga Pants

Remember that time I said I was going to try to get up and get a cute breakfast for my family since I felt bad for not being the creative mom this year? If you called BS on that one, you are the lucky winner today. Apparently I thought it would be more fun to slice my finger off. 
It looks so wimpy here. I couldn't take a picture of the other side though because it looked gross. I am so weak when it comes to this stuff. And I am a horrible patient. I screamed, cried, wrapped it in a paper towel and wouldn't let Jeremy look at it for a long while. All of this because I was trying to get the spaghetti squash to be perfectly even....ugh. I should have known what was going to happen. We were just discussing my new knives and I said "it's not like they feel any sharper when you touch the blade but man they cut so much easier." Yep, I should have known. It was like a redneck saying "hold my beer and watch this!" 
So today I can't really hold anything with that hand. I can type ok because I only use my left thumb when I hit Alt+Tab. Buuuut, I had to wear yoga pants to work because I was afraid I couldn't get panty hose or regular pants down to use the bathroom with just one good hand. Oh geez. Of course I don't really consider these yoga pants. I just get joked on every time I wear them. They are a step up from wearing leggings as pants basically. They are black pants without a button and zipper....ah ,screw it, fine, call them Yoga Pants!
See, they aren't that bad, right? My face was doing something a little weird though. Do I at least get some points for taking pictures in the bathroom at work?? No?

Ok, you chicas have a great Hump Day! oh dang it's Thursday? Valentine's Day! I can't wait to get home and spend time with these special people....
4th of July 2011

Feb 13, 2013

Isn't it Ironic...Dontcha Think

It's ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife....It's getting an email from your kid's room mom when you just left Target....

I'm having one of those days. Leave Target, get an email from a room mom. Luckily I only replied to her when I offered to bring something for Vday instead of everyone and apparently my email was lost. Score! Then I remembered I was supposed to get more conditioner for home. Dang it, lunch time fail! 

So despite not realizing it was in fact Wednesday this morning, I did step on the scale. I was so happy to see 79 lbs! Woohoo....wait...that's not healthy, and I'm about 60% sure that number isn't right. So I tried again, 86 pounds...that's going in the right direction. Then like the smart girl I am, I realized I was standing on my scale...on carpet! So I moved the scale to an awkward spot in the bathroom, right smack in the middle, and stepped back on. Not as much of a loss as the previous numbers but I was down 3 lbs from the last weigh in. Still a half pound above my MFP number before Christmas. 

Random thought. Is anyone else annoyed that Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year? I don't know why but it really annoys me. Maybe it just annoys me that it snuck up on me like this. Or maybe it annoys me that there were 80 moms in Target today getting all kinds of random items that I am sure they are going to MacGyver into the best kids' Valentine's cards ever!
I really wanted to be the creative mom this year. Like really. Then I realized there wasn't a single night this week that I get to come straight home for the evening after work. Monday I had a date with an NBA team. Tuesday is softball team practice, and Wednesday is pitching lessons. So time to be creative. Just enough time to eat and shower daily. 

I did manage to find super cute pink, red and hearts items for Mini along with chevron and glitter. That's a win win. Maybe I can even get up early enough to grab some donuts and treats for breakfast for my loves instead of granola bars. 

Am I the only Valentine's slacker this year? Tell me I'm not alone. Or just tell me I'm a loser and you are a MacGyver this year! I'm not going to hate on ya, promise. 

Feb 12, 2013

Let Me See Your Hips Swing

Happy Fat Tuesday! Anyone else celebrating by going out to eat something really fatty today? Isn't that what this is all about? No? My bad. 

So remember the last paragraph here when I said we were going to watch the Grizzlies (Memphis' NBA team) dunk? Well, turns out we were going to watch Grizz and the dunk team....like so....
I didn't exactly read the flier or even question the fact that an NBA team would come to a church to do a dunk show for 5-10 year olds for their end of season celebration. It's not like Michael Jordan plays for them or anything. He does still play basketball right? Or is he back doing baseball? Just kidding, I know he isn't playing baseball. 

I am just glad no one was sitting close enough to us when the dunk team came out and I leaned over to say "I don't think this is the actual basketball team" hah! I'm not the biggest NBA follower. Just give me some college basketball or better yet, just give me baseball! To make it funnier one of the songs they played loudly while doing the show was "Swing". Something about hearing Let me see your hips swiiiiing while in a gym attached to a church was just funny to me. I know I shouldn't find humor in that. Sue me. 

It was a pretty neat show though. I was pretty impressed and kinda wanted to try out their trampolines after the show. But I figured they would frown on that. Plus I had a date with Jillian to get to. 

Mini finished up homework, J started his Insanity DVD in the living room and I went to "my workout room" to fire up the Jillian Buns and Thighs DVD for the first time. The DVD player wasn't hooked up in the bonus room yet so I grab a redyellowwhite cable (that's an official term) and checked the back of the DVD player. Except there were thousands of colors on the back of that thing and the red, white, and yellow were kind of farther apart than I would think. So I played a puzzle with the stupid thing and the best I could get was Jillian in all red and no sound. Naturally I threw a temper tantrum and went straight to bed...in my workout clothes....yep. I seriously thought if there was a fight between Jillian and a DVD player, she would win. But I was wrong. And since I'm a lover not a fighter, I lost too. 

Tonight's agenda...find another cord in our "electronic stuff" box and see if I can make it work. 
Wish me luck!

Feb 11, 2013

Mondays Don't Suck

I am dedicating today's post to the person who found my blog by searching "Monday's don't suck". I got a little chuckle out of that one. I am usually Debbie Downer about all Mondays, but today I am not going to hate on it too bad. 

This weekend we finished up basketball season. Since Mini plays softball year round, it really made basketball seem like it went by in a blink. After the game {which we won} they had a little pizza party and received their trophies and medals. 

Since mini went to her dad's house after the party, we headed to do a little shopping and pick up some boxes from storage. I swear it will take us a year to finally get all our stuff in one place and settled. Anyways, I found my Operation Red Bikini bikini this weekend. 
I love all the fringe I started seeing a the end of last season, and I knew I wanted to find something fringe. I didn't want to break the bank though because I have a lot of swimsuits to wear as soon as I get back to my goal "shape" (I don't care what the lbs are as long as the shape is right). And what was the first thing I saw when I walked into Target....
It practically called my name. I left Jeremy standing at the front asking "do we need a cart?" It was what I wanted but I have a top the exact same color (it's really more cantaloupe orange in person) and that top is straight across like this one but without the fringe. I tried to talk myself out of it while I was looking for a different color. No other colors and I'm going to pretend like I didn't see the green one online just now. So there it is. My goal. 

Coincidentally, I also left Target with another little purchase....
Sunday I picked up two of my nieces to come visit while my sis and BIL went to a funeral about 4 hours away. My oldest niece is an absolute mess! She is hilarious and I so wanted to record her but I always missed the best opportunities. Plus she gets distracted when there's a camera in her face. By the end of the night I was calling her a drama queen. That's what she gets for calling me Big Julanne....yep. She calls me by my baby sister's name only I'm the "BIG" version. I'm pretty sure she is never coming back to my house because Aunt Big Julanne makes her eat all of her food. She tried pawning snacks off on her sister, but homegirl wasn't having any of that. I think by the end of the night we called it even though. She has accepted the drama queen nickname for now. Maybe she will like Diva better :) 
My sweet niece Diva! The first one to make me an aunt, even if it's a BIG one
Once the girls headed home for the night, I tried to fight sleep but it was impossible. Low key-ish weekend but I'm looking forward to another busy week. We are off to watch a dunk show by the Memphis Grizzlies tonight for the final basketball celebration. 

Anyone else have a Monday that didn't suck?

Feb 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

So somehow I set this up to post yesterday afternoon and it didn't. Blogger fail. So you are getting Thursday....on Friday...and I am backposting it

I'm sorry, yall. I just can't help myself. This is hands down my favorite ecard ever. I look at it more than just about every Thursday. 

So today I got a big dose of thankful smack in the face in the middle of the Wendy's parking lot. Classy. Do you ever have those moments? When you just want to smell a frosty, no scratch that, I mean, when you just feel thankful? And it just hits you like a tsunami? Today was one of those kind of days. 

I've had some stuff distracting me and making me cranky and scared and every other emotion under the sun recently, but today I got some good news on that front. Like happy cry kinda news. I'm still not at the end of that particular journey but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
"Each day I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, Friends that turned into Family, Dreams that turned into Reality, and Likes that turned into Love" -William Penn (inside joke that only about two people will get, just go with it, trust me)

Short and sweet today! Be thankful today! Comment me something that you are thankful for!

Feb 6, 2013

Yes it is only Wednesday

Do you ever have those mornings when you get up, hit snooze on the alarm, get back in bed and as soon as your head hits the pillow the alarm is going off again? That just baffles my mind. I know it has been exactly 9 minutes since the last alarm, but I swear someone hit fast forward. 
True story

If you couldn't tell by my lack of posts, it's busy week at work for me. Once a month for about a week, work is crazy. I work late. I stress over numbers, and I sleep as soon as I get home. #accountantproblems It could be worse though. At least I don't do taxes at my day job

Rest assured though, I just can't miss a Random Wednesday. When all else fails, I can write whatever I want to write not like I couldn't do that already

First up, I am beyond ready for spring. I know basically everyone is saying this right now, but this weekend really made me even more ready. Mini had a basketball game Saturday morning and then decided to stay outside most of the afternoon. I love having a driveway to bounce a basketball in now! And I love having a backyard to practice pitching or just run around in. 
Also, see that ugly grass coming up in the middle of my driveway? Yep, it's not there anymore. Mini decided that her outdoor "project" {besides sidewalk chalking the entire place} was to pull that all up. Now if I can just talk her into pulling weeds with me in the backyard when I get started on our garden. I may have to use bribery for that one. 
This also happened this weekend. If you follow on IG (@janessa1020) then this is old news, but I just couldn't leave it off the ole blog. My phone has quite a few pictures like this from our photo sessions. Waiting on that modeling agency to call any second now....

Speaking of modeling....I gained 3 pounds in the last two weeks. Go me. Remember how I left my scale at the old house? Just temporarily. Well, it's still there, so I'm going by the number on my doctor's scale. It could be right, it could be wrong, but I'm going with a gain this week since I know I've been in the wrong. 
Things are much more on track this week thanks to being called out though! This is why I am a fan of My Fitness Pal now that I know how to add friends on there. 
In other random news, I have been in such a great mood today because I'm getting off at 2 on Friday....then my bubble was busted when I realized it was not Thursday yet....and I didn't even realize this when I started my Wednesday pre-post draft! Seriously? Oh well, just one more full day to get through and then I will be able to smell taste feel the weekend!

*And just an FYI, this awesome lady is only a few followers away from the big 1-0-0-0! That's 3 zeros, people! If you aren't already following, go follow right now. 

Feb 1, 2013

Weekend Pre-cap

It is February and I feel like I am still trying to get back to normal. Haven't I been doing that all January too?! Don't answer that question. 

Despite being sick I got my hairs did last night. I have to say it actually made me feel much better and more like me. I had put it off WAY too long. I would love to share an "after" pic today but I was running late this morning and didn't take one. Bad blogger! I'm even wearing a cute outfit today, you'll have to take my word for it!

So anyways, ya know those good intentions that you always have...like New Years resolutions. Then you start falling off the wagon by January 2nd. This weekend I am getting back on the workout wagon. I was off for a while with moving, then I got sick, but now....no excuses! 

Here's my weekend precap:
Tomorrow: up and at 'em early with spin at 7am...that's a scary time for a Saturday. Off to Miss Sassy's basketball game at 11:30. Then do some more cleaning/moving stuff. 
Sunday is a toss up right now. I can't decide if I want to do cardio and weights at the gym or 30DS and yoga at home. Or run. We will see. As long as I do some combo of those I'm good. Then it's off to a Super Bowl party at friends'. Can't wait to get together with some folks. Friends and sports are one of my favorite combos! Just one question....who exactly is playing in the Super Bowl this year??? Totally kidding, Mel, don't smack me for that one, hah!

And as you all know, if you don't put it on IG, the workout didn't really happen! So if you don't see me posting something about the gym tomorrow, call me out! (IG: @janessa1020)

Have a great Super Bowl weekend, errrrbody!