Jan 11, 2013

Some Letters for ya

Hey hey! It's my favorite F word!! It's Friday, It's Friday...sorry if I'm a little obnoxious about it this morning (totally just tried spelling obnoxious with an "a")  but it has been one of those weeks. Work has been obnoxious with a capital A! The weather has been yuck, which means yuck traffic. And we have been too freaking busy outside of work. 

Sounds like a perfect recipe for a little Friday Letters!

Dear Stuffs, if you could pack yourself by the time I get home from work, then I promise not to leave you in the boxes too long next week. Pinky promise. Dear AT&T, get your shi- together and get me some fast internets at the new house. What do you mean you can't find my new address in your system? Dear Mapquest, can you go help AT&T find my house, k thanks. Dear apartment, can you please just stay in one piece until next week. I guess I pissed you off when you heard me talking about my new luxurious closet, but ya know what? I deserve it with having to deal with your tight squeeze cheap self this long. Dear baseball season, I am ready for you right flippin now! (random much?) Dear awesome, fun bands/musicians, I'm gonna need you to come visit Memphis the weekend that Mel is here. Not that we can't find somewhere to dance, but I feel the need for a little live music in our lives! Dear Walmart, I'm gonna need you to have a 12ft Christmas tree stashed in the backroom somewhere for me. Oh and I'm going to need it to be half the price it was during the clearance sale. Dear Saturday, you need to last longer than 24 hours. I have LOTS to accomplish on you....that sounded awkward. Lots to accomplish on your square on my calendar. Dear Lora, this was an amazing post. You put this into words in such an awesome way. I am thankful that indifference found you and me both. And I am thankful that we have such amazing men in our lives now. 

And that's about it for now. So...is it 5 yet?! 

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Kristin Ackerman said...

Yes, baseball season is like Christmas morning to me!

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

YAY I need baseball in my life RIGHT NOW!!!!!! and I can't wait for March. HUZZAH!

Lora said...

yay! if only we had all of our old emails to read back on when we were bitter and pissed....actually, it's probably best that we don't. #incasewerunforpresident

Lindsey said...

Counting down to March! And we should assemble a crew for a Redbirds game. That'd be fun!

LB @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Yay, love it! And Shand said last night he can't wait to go to a Redbirds game!

Meredith said...

You girls better call a ho when yall throw down when Mrs Mel comes in town! Really good live band sounds mucho perfecto.

Lovin the random post!

Sophia Season said...

Hey, I'm stopping over from The Sweet Season. I hope you have a quick and easy move. I'm sure your stuff didn't take you up on that promise, so good luck with that too.